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  1. The English Premier League, Spain's La Liga, Italy's Serie A and France's Ligue 1 – the other leagues considered Europe's "big five" – all consist of 20 teams, resulting in 38 rounds of fixtures.

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    The new rules will have two immediate consequences: the first, that players from the EU hoping to move to England will be treated in the same way as players from the rest of the world; the second, that those EU players will have no problem getting in, as long as their CVs are impressive enough. That’s not to say calculating the quality of a player’s career to date is not complicated. Lawyers are going to get a lot of work. In essence, however, the Governing Body Endorsement (GBE) which is awarded by the FA and enables players, managers, coaches and other staff to qualify for work visas is about points. Those points are awarded according to where you have played previously, for how long and at what kind of level. Qualify for 15 of them and, in the men’s game, you’re in. If you want to buy Karim Benzema, can afford him, and can persuade him the UK is better than Madrid, it is going to be easy. In fact, a player over the age of 21 from a country ranked within Fifa’s top 50, who has pla...

    The restructuring of the game will surely create problems next year. The trolley dash of transfer deadline day will be chaotic if clubs try to sign players they can’t be sure will get a permit. The FA says it has resources for the new world but it too is likely to come under a lot of strain processing applications from up and down the league at a pace that means a new Norwegian centre-half can be cleared to play at the weekend. But once those bumps are negotiated, and there is a confident consensus from across the industry that they will be, there will be new opportunities. One consequence is that the value of English players will go up. Everyone agrees on that and this is surely good news for the football pyramid. Yes, the big clubs will put even more emphasis on recruiting the best young talent (especially as leaving the EU means a ban on signing under-18s from abroad, which has been a popular move with some top-six clubs). But lower-league clubs who do the same will also be able...

    Football in England is an exception, both in the national culture and in the way it is run. The financial crisis occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic laid bare some of the structural problems that affect the game and there is no doubt that a predisposition towards taking a punt on the transfer market is one of them. The new rules will make such activity more difficult. You can no longer buy a foreign player based on a YouTube compilation and a snazzy idea for a welcome video. Some might say that will take some of the thrill out of the game, but there will not be that many. Instead there is a whole battalion of sporting directors, recruitment analysts and scouts looking to get their teeth into a new structure that will require more thought, more strategy and more analysis if it is to work. There is a lot about English football’s new rules that feels consistent with the rest of Brexit: it is harder to do things, it accommodates fewer people, and there is a lot of paperwork that needs d...

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  3. Feb 01, 2021 · With Brexit, the United Kingdom leaving the EU, at the end of 2020, Premier League clubs have a few more restrictions. For starters, EU players are considered international players, so they will need a visa to work in the UK and clubs will need to apply for a permit prior to the window closing.

  4. Sep 01, 2021 · The Premier League is a financial juggernaut that cannot be stopped. OVID-19 has impacted the finances of football perhaps forever, yet it appears as though at the top end of the Premier League ...

  5. The regulations provide for sanctions to be taken against clubs who exceed spending, over several seasons, within a set budgetary framework. Implementation of the regulations took place at the outset of the 2011–12 football season. The severest penalty is disqualification from the European competitions.

  6. Oct 08, 2021 · The Premier League becomes the global PR League. The three richest – and, therefore, likely most successful – football clubs in Europe may well be all controlled by Arab states next season (at arm’s length, er, obviously) as the UK’s Premier League waves through the acquisition of Newcastle by a Saudi investment group, linked to the state.

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