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  1. The three religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam readily fit the definition of monotheism, which is to worship one god while denying the existence of other gods. But, the relationship of the three religions is closer than that: They claim to worship the same god.

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  2. The Western religions are the religions that originated within Western culture, which are thus historically, culturally, and theologically distinct from Eastern, African and Iranian religions. The term Abrahamic religions ( Islam, Christianity and Judaism ) is often used instead of using the East and West terminology.

  3. Judaism, Islam, Christianity comparison -- Are there similarities in their prophets? All three religions acknowledge that Moses was a prophet of God. The prophets of Israel and Judah are one of the most amazing groups of individuals in all history.

  4. Dec 23, 2020 · Islam is not similar to Christianity and Judaism. Only Islam declared that Muhammad (pbuh)is the last prophet (the seal of the prophets is Prophet Muhammad pbuh. Supreme creator takes no son as claimed by Christianity and Judaism. Biblical Christianity, which the ONLY true way to God will NOT compromise with Islam.

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  6. What religion is most similar to Judaism? The major Abrahamic religions in chronological order of founding are Judaism (the base of the other two religions) in the 7th century BCE, Christianity in the 1st century CE, and Islam in the 7th century CE. Christianity , Islam , and Judaism are the Abrahamic religions with the greatest numbers of ...

  7. Like Judaism, it has a strictly unitary conception of God, called tawhid, or “strict” monotheism. What religion is similar to Christianity? 9. Islam. Islam is a monotheistic religion that — like Christianity and Judaism — traces its roots to the Garden of Eden, Adam, and the prophet Abraham.

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