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  1. Cinema of the Philippines; No. of screens: 920 (2018) • Per capita: 0.9 per 100,000 (2013) Main distributors: Star Cinema 27.1% UIP 17.0% Disney 16.1%: Produced feature films (2013) Total: 53: Number of admissions (2014) Total: 78,300,000 • Per capita: 0.8: Gross box office (2017) Total: $218 million

    • 0.9 per 100,000 (2013)
    • 53
    • 920 (2018)
  2. Oct 17, 2014 · Norte, hangganan ng kasaysayan Norte, the End of History Country: Philippines Year: 2013 3 Ramona Diaz | @CineDiaz Award-winning filmmaker Diaz explores the Filipino experience from all angles,...

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    • Contents
    • Defining The Role of A Movie Producer
    • Key Responsibilities of A Movie Producer
    • How Movie Producers Impact The Film Industry
    • Famous Movie Producers and Their Impact on The Industry
    • Becoming A Movie Producer: Tips and Resources

    1. Types of Producers 2. Functions of a Movie Producer

    1. Pre-Production 2. Production 3. Post-Production 4. Marketing and Distribution

    1. Influencing Creativity 2. Financial Impact 3. Career Development for Directors and Actors

    A movie producer is responsible for overseeing the entire filmmaking process, ensuring that the project runs smoothly and stays on budget. They are involved in every stage of the film's production, from initial concept to final release. Let's explore the different types of producers and their functions in more detail.

    Movie producers are involved in every stage of the filmmaking process, from pre-production to post-production and beyond. Let's examine their key responsibilities during each of these stages.

    Movie producers have a significant influence on the film industry in various ways. They impact the creative direction of films, the financial aspects of movie production, and even the career development of actors and directors.

    Throughout the history of cinema, there have been numerous movie producers who have left an indelible mark on the industry. Their talents and skills have helped shape the course of filmmaking, and their work continues to inspire future generations. Let's explore the contributions of three notable movie producers.

    Now that we've seen what remarkable movie producers can do, you might be wondering how to become one yourself. While there's no single path to success in the film industry, there are some steps that can help you get started. Let's dive into some tips and resources for becoming a movie producer.

    • WHAT IS A PRODUCER. It all starts with the producer. A producer is an individual who aids in the development, planning, execution, and marketing of a feature film.
    • WHAT DOES A PRODUCER DO. This is what Producers do. Irving Thalberg, arguably the most important producer in movie history, once said: "A credit you give yourself is not worth having."
    • THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF PRODUCERS. So many producers... We've covered some broad strokes. But we've left something critical out. There are many different kinds of producers.
    • EXECUTIVE PRODUCER VS PRODUCER. The role of the executive producer. To understand the difference between a producer and executive producer, let's start at the top: What do executive producers do?
  4. Process and responsibilities Development and pre-production During this stage of the production process, producers bring together people like the film director, cinematographer, and production designer. [6] Unless the film is to be based on an original script, the producer must find an appropriate screenwriter.

  5. Dec 19, 2018 · Policies and ethics. This chapter describes the roles of the state and the industry in relation to cultural policy. It begins with defining what an industry is and how film is regarded as an industry in the Philippines. The chapter then illustrates the general conceptual confusion about...