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  1. Pet (TV) - Anime News Network › encyclopedia › anime

    'Pet' TV Anime Listed with 13 Episodes (Jan 6, 2020) The Winter 2020 Anime Preview Guide - Pet (Jan 6, 2020) Our Most Anticipated Anime of Winter 2020 (Jan 3, 2020)

  2. Top TV Shows - New TV Tonight - Reviews - Rotten Tomatoes › browse › tv-list-1

    Discover TV shows to watch - premieres, new episodes tonight and Certified Fresh shows as rated by critics. Read reviews and watch clips and interviews.

  3. Top 10 Detective Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021 › detective_podcasts

    Jun 04, 2021 · Detective Podcasts. 1. Someone Knows Something. Toronto, Ohio, United States About Podcast Host David Ridgen joins victims' family members as they investigate cold cases, tracking down leads, speaking to suspects and searching for answers. Frequency 1 episode / week , Average Episode Length 45 min Since Mar 2016 Podcast 2.

  4. Animated Film Reviews: The Great Mouse Detective (1986 ... › 2013 › 01

    Jan 09, 2013 · "The Great Mouse Detective" is a respectful homage, extending the Holmes franchise into a new realm and not satirizing or mocking it. The balloon approaching Big Ben. "The Great Mouse Detective" was popular upon release, earning Disney some good coin and admiring reviews, and has resulted in several re-releases and home video products over the ...

  5. Top List #4: “Top 10 Best Classic Spongebob Episodes” – The ... › 2015/02/01 › top

    Feb 01, 2015 · The first thing we’ll be doing for “Spongebob New Movie Week” is my list of “Top 10 Best Classic Spongebob Episodes”. #10: “Pizza Delivery”: Yep you guessed it, this classic episode. In this one, Spongebob and Squidward Tentacles are forced to deliver pizza from the Krusty Krab for the first time. However, this results in a comedy ...

  6. Private Detective - TV Tropes › pmwiki › pmwiki

    A seeker character frequently used in Detective Drama.. A professional detective not directly affiliated with a police department in any official sense (although many will have contacts in the department, and it's not uncommon for members of this profession to have been either police officers or previously worked in law-enforcement, as many of the skill sets overlap), a Private Detective takes ...

  7. 5 Times Batman Was The World’s Greatest Detective (& 5 Times ... › batman-times-worlds-greatest

    Nov 17, 2019 · 5 Times Batman Was The World’s Greatest Detective (& 5 Times He Didn’t Have A Clue) Over the years Batman has gained a reputation as the world's greatest detective. However, sometimes he's completely clueless. Batman is many things - billionaire, philanthropist, expert martial artist, and genius to name a few - but perhaps his most well ...

  8. Quiz: What is your pet's Hogwarts house? - Hypable › hogwarts-house-pet-quiz

    Aug 25, 2015 · By Katie Awad. You know what your Hogwarts House is, now find out which House your pet belongs in! You love your pet. It’s your baby. Even if you have a real human baby, your fluffy/scaly friend ...

  9. TV Lover: Batman 66 - Episodes 93-96 Reviews › 2018 › 12

    Dec 17, 2018 · Batman 66 - Episodes 93-96 Reviews. Finishing up the final two parter of the second season sees the return of an icy customer with a new guise along with the first two episodes of the third season debuting another hero and a different format for the show. Like Catwoman by the time we get to the third season of this show and Poison Ivy on Gotham ...

  10. TV Lover: Batman: The Animated Series - Episodes 71-75 Reviews › 2014 › 08

    Aug 21, 2014 · Batman: The Animated Series - Episodes 71-75 Reviews. And just like that, I've managed to get to the third season where a new title sequence and name was put in place to highlight that the show was more about Batman & Robin than just one of them. As for the first five episodes, a little bit of a mixed bag. I have to admit over the years, I've ...

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