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  1. Terms in this set (7) Step 1-Light Dependent CO2 and H2O enter the leaf Step 2- Light Dependent Light hits the pigment in the membrane of a thylakoid, splitting the H2O into O2 Step 3- Light Dependent The electrons move down to enzymes Step 4-Light Dependent

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  4. step 1. photophase begins when sunlight hits a chlorophyll a molecule in the grana membrane of a chloroplast. while other pigments or other forms of chlorophyll may absorb light energy and pass it to the chlorophyll a molecule, it is only chlorophyll a which actually carries on photosynthesis. step 2.

  5. Step 3. Light is absorbed by the electron and raised to a higher energy level. Step 4. As the electron passes through carrier proteins it loses energy. Step 5. The lost energy is captured by ADP, converting it into ATP. Step 6. ATP diffuses into the stoma. Step 7.

  6. step 8. the hydrogen joins with carbon dioxide to make sugar. step 9. sugar travels through the phloem to carry sugar to the rest of the plant. step 10. plants get energy from the food (sugar) they produced. ( they are producers) step 11. plants break down the sugar. this is called respiration. step 12.

  7. What is the primary function of the calvin cycle? synthesis of sugar. Plants gather the sun's energy with light absorbing molecules called. pigments. The light reaction of photosynthesis supplies the calvin cycle with. ATP and NADPH. Where does the light-INDEPENDENT reaction take place. the stroma.

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