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    • What are the religious symbols of Judaism?

      • Mezuzah,tzitzit and tefillin are reminders of the commandments
      • The menorah (candelabrum) is the ancient universal symbol of Judaism
      • The Jewish star (Magen David) is a modern universal Jewish symbol
      • Jews wear a skullcap (yarmulke) as a pious custom
      • Chai,found on jewelry,is the number 18,which is a favorable number
  1. Traditionally, there are three types of blasts, called the tekiah, shevarim and the teruah. The shofar comes in many shapes and sizes so it may be blown by kids and adults. Kiddush Cup A silver goblet holding wine or grape juice is one of the most ubiquitous symbols of Judaism.

    • Star of David. Also known as the Magen David or the Shield of David , this is the emblem of the Jews. You would be surprised to know that the symbolic representation of the Star of David in Judaism began quite recently, in the 17 century.
    • Menorah. A Menorah is not only the most important, but the oldest symbol in Judaism. In the early Jewish Temple, it was a tradition to light the seven-branched Menorah (the candelabrum with 7 stands) every evening and clean it every morning.
    • Mezuzah. The mezuzah is a small case which contains the handwritten scroll with Shema inscribed on it. Shema is referred to the passage wherein God commands His people to remind themselves again and again about His presence and commandments, mentioned in Deuteronomy 6:4-9.
    • Torah Scroll. The Torah is the first of the three parts of the Hebrew Bible known as the TaNaCH. The word ‘TaNaCH’ is derived from the three sections of the Jewish Scripture, wherein ‘T’ is for Torah, ‘N’ is for Nevi’im, and ‘CH’ is for Ketuvim―Nevi’im and Ketuvim being the second and third part of the Hebrew Bible.
  2. Palm symbols are commonly found on Jewish coins, decorative items and Jewish ossuaries. The Seven Species The seven species, referred to collectively as shivat haminim, are considered sacred fruits and grains grown in Israel. These are: Barley Grapes Wheat Figs Date (honey) Olive (oil) Pomegranates

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  4. given this general anti-iconic attitude, much of jewish artistic endeavour has been directed toward the creation of ceremonial objects: kiddush goblets, candlesticks and candelabra, spice boxes for the havdala ceremony at the end of the sabbath, ornamented containers for the mezuzah (a parchment on which is written the passages from deuteronomy …

  5. Jun 02, 2022 · The Star of David (also known as the Shield of David or Magen David) is widely considered to be the primary symbol of Judaism. It is a six-pointed star represented by two equilateral triangles layered on top of one another. The flag for the country of Israel features a Star of David in the center.

  6. Judaism is more than an abstract intellectual system, though there have been many efforts to view it systematically. It affirms divine sovereignty disclosed in creation (nature) and in history, without necessarily insisting upon—but at the same time not rejecting—metaphysical speculation about the divine. It insists that the community has been confronted by the divine not as an abstraction ...

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