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    • What is Wildfire Games?

      • Wildfire Games is a global group of volunteer game developers. We create open source games and mods. Wildfire Games is an international community of dozens of game developers and gamers, who mostly contribute in their spare time on a volunteer basis.
  1. Apr 15, 2022 · “The wildfire felt like a very natural addition to Minecraft Dungeons. It was a mob we originally wanted to include in Flames of the Nether, but unfortunately, we ran out of time to make it as awesome as we wanted it to be. With Luminous Night, we finally got the time needed to perfect it, and it now feels like a natural fit for the game.

    • Per Landin
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    A wildfire is a powerful mob that was added in the Luminous Night seasonal adventure and appears in the Flames of the Nether DLC. It is a more powerful variant of the blaze, even capable of summoning them in combat.

    A wildfire is a large mob, similar in appearance to a blaze albeit bigger and somewhat tougher. It possesses four large shields which float around it, which act as protection. These four shields of the wildfire happens to be its own model and entity that is separate from the wildfire. Wildfires also blaze rod like pillar under its blaze-like head. ...

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  2. Wildfire Games is a global group of volunteer game developers. We create open source games and mods. Our Projects 0 A.D. Free, open-source ancient warfare game Visit website Pyrogenesis Home-grown, open source 3D engine Visit website Rome At War Total conversion mod for Age of Kings Visit website About Us

  3. The Wildfire/The Hovering Inferno also called Mob D was a possible answer in the 2017 Mob Vote along with the Barnacle, The Great Hunger and the winning Phantom. The Wildfire is a type of blaze. This Blaze type of mob has the same design as the regular blaze, although this specific mob has rectangular shields that spin around it. These shields may have been used to defend itself from certain ...

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  4. Feb 25, 2011 · Minecraft decided to put a lava fall in that chunk. The lava spread on the ground. The trees became close enough to catch fire as a result and the fire quickly spread out... This has become more common lately since the change that let you find lava on the surface with pretty good regularity.

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