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  2. Marking John's solo album No. 10, the record was released in January 2009. 2. Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Ozz The silver medal goes to Ozzy Osbourne 's debut solo album, 1980's " Blizzard of...

  3. Listen to hits from the Top 100 Albums of All Time, based on our all-new definitive ranking of the 500 greatest albums ever made.

  4. Nov 12, 2015 · Check out the all-time top 10 Billboard 200 Artists below. 1. The Beatles 2. The Rolling Stones 3. Barbra Streisand 4. Garth Brooks 5. Elton John 6. Mariah Carey 7. Herb Alpert 8. Taylor...

    • Michael Jackson - Thriller. Certified Sales: 51.2 million. If we go by certified sales only, Michael Jackson's Thriller remains the indisputed champion by far.
    • Eagles - Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) Certified Sales: 41.2 million. Their Greatest Hits by the Eagles contains all of their Country Rock, Folk Rock, and Soft Rock singles between 1971 and 1975.
    • Shania Twain - Come On Over. Certified Sales: 30.4 Million. Shania Twain is a huge Country crossover artist, merging into the Pop genre. She was so huge at the time that her 1997 album Come On Over is now way up this list.
    • Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV. Certified Sales: 30.4 million. Led Zeppelin IV was their pinnacle achievement from 1971, focused on Hard Rock, Folk Rock, and pre-cursor Heavy Metal sounds.
    • Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd. This is simply the greatest album ever made. It's a 45 minute trip through life, with few breaks in the music that make this feel like one huge symphony of perfection.
    • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles. Pepper made an artistic statement in a music that was NEVER considered art before. Language, fashion, artistic awareness and MUSIC ITSELF changed dramatically after it's release!
    • Abbey Road - The Beatles. This is the greatest album I have ever heard. The Beatles are the greatest band of all time, and this is the perfect way to close their career.
    • Led Zeppelin IV (aka ZOSO) - Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin IV was, is and always will be a timeless masterpiece. It set a standard for rock music which still has never been equaled or surpassed.
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