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  1. answered. Which statement best describes a representative democracy? A. Citizens don't vote, and decisions are made in the government without their input. B. Citizens elect officials who express voters' interests in the government. C. Citizens vote on all actions, and the government follows majority decisions. D.

  2. May 07, 2012 · What best describes a representative democracy? A democracy which has elected representation. In this system, power belongs to the people and, directly, to the representatives who act on their...

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  4. Apr 19, 2022 · Executive Rule CDictatorship DDirect Democracy Representative democracy best describes US.. Citizens act as judges and lawmakers. In a representative. People vote directly on every issue. Representative democracy best describes the US government. Citizens elect representatives to govern on their behalf. People are not allowed to vote at all.

    • Key Components of Political Representation
    • Changing Political Realities and Changing Concepts of Political Representation
    • Contemporary Advances
    • Future Areas of Study

    Political representation, on almost any account, will exhibit thefollowing five components: 1. some party that is representing(therepresentative, an organization, movement, state agency, etc.); 2. some party that is being represented(theconstituents, the clients, etc.); 3. something that is being represented(opinions,perspectives, interests, discou...

    As mentioned earlier, theoretical discussions of politicalrepresentation have focused mainly on the formal procedures ofauthorization and accountability within nation states, that is, onwhat Pitkin called formalistic representation. However, such a focusis no longer satisfactory due to international and domestic politicaltransformations. [For an ex...

    There have been a number of important advances in theorizing theconcept of political representation. In particular, these advancescall into question the traditional way of thinking of politicalrepresentation as a principal-agent relationship. Most notably,Melissa Williams’ recent work has recommended reenvisioning theactivity of representation in l...

    There are three persistent problems associated with politicalrepresentation. Each of these problems identifies a future area ofinvestigation. The first problem is the proper institutional designfor representative institutions within democratic polities. Thetheoretical literature on political representation has paid a lot ofattention to the institut...

  5. What describes representative democracy? A governing system in which citizens elect representatives to make decisions and pass laws on their behalf What is true about a monarchy?

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