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  1. Font issues, weak OCR, and nothing built to work on an agnostic HDMI signal so I could do live translation while playing on real game consoles. So I wrote something to do the job called UGT (Universal Game Translator) – you can download it near the bottom of this post if you want to try it.

  2. Mar 13, 2016 · If you're an aspiring game translator, you might have heard of the LocJAM, the game translation contest. It is a video game translation competition that is now in its third year. And it's getting bigger and more and more popular, with new languages being added every year. The cool thing is that—unlike in the usual game translator's projects ...

  3. So if you are intending to promote your game in a foreign country do get in touch with us and we assure you the best professional translation services at the best possible rates. You can begin by getting a free translation quote for your project from the top menu.

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  5. You can look for an entry-level position with a game developer or a localization testing company and climb the ladder from within. There’s also LocJAM, a game translation contest open to both professionals and amateurs. The competition is sponsored by some major localization companies and offers great hands-on experience, even if you don’t ...

  6. Jan 23, 2020 · By using your new translator device online (connected to the internet), your translator can pull from an incredibly big source of vocabulary (directly from translation engines like Google Translate) and make use of Artificial Intelligence which runs on the cloud to improve the way the translation is rendered.

    • History of Video Game Translation
    • Knowing The Customer Base
    • How to Become A Video Game Translator

    Many years ago, most video game text was run through general translation scripts which left a lot to be desired. It can be compared to those times you may have tried to translate a quote a foreign friend has sent you and the translation you get from a generic translation engine is more confusing than the original quote! With that in mind came the rise of the video game translator. This talented, bilingual individual can take the text of a video game that was developed in another language and create an expertly translated version in the language ordered by the game company. The video game businessprovides billions of dollars in revenue for game designers and distributors all over the world. With multiple platforms and 155 million gamers in the United States alone, the need for translation is on the rise. When game development companies complete their market research and compile a list of countries where they visualize high sales numbers, they will often order the game to be translate...

    The translation isn’t always about changing text word for word into the new language. The video game translator also needs to have a working knowledge of cultural norms and other important factors like slang and local customsin order to make accurate translations. Being bilingualfor this position also requires a familiarity with the culture behind the language so that traditions, cultural sensitivities, and other nuances can be respected. For example, humor often doesn’t always translate well and should be researched carefully. This adds authenticity to the game and will earn respect, higher sales, and positive reviews by the consumers who purchase the games. Therefore, it is worth hiring a talented and respected translator to complete the job.

    Many people who work as professional video game translators have degrees in a foreign language. You need a solid, working knowledge in both the language you are translating from and to in order to be highly successful. Breaking into the business can be hard at first, as many translators have worked hard to build up clients and their resumes. In order to command the best rates for translation, be sure to present your credentials and examples of any other jobs you have completed in order to boost your chances. Many companies will want you to be fluent in the language the game is being translated into and in some cases, a preference for being a native speaker may be desired. One way to show your credentials to a potential translation company is by compiling a portfolio of your work along with your resume. Showing the quality of your previous work can show off your skills and add an air of confidence that will get you hired. If you are new to translation as a career, you can translate t...

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