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  1. Stephen Hawking had ALS for 55 years. How did he do it?

    People diagnosed when they are young, as Hawking was, live for longer for reasons that are not well understood. It may be that a different cause of the disease shows up in young adults. “One type...

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  2. How Did Stephen Hawking Live So Long with ALS? | Time
    • What Is ALS?
    • Who Gets ALS?
    • How Rare Is Hawking’s Longevity?
    • How Did Hawking Live So Long with ALS?

    ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that erodes motor neurons — cells in the brain and spinal cord that control muscular function — until it becomes difficult or impossible for a person to walk, talk, speak, swallow and breathe, according to the ALS Association. ALS symptoms often begin with slurred speech or muscle weakness and twitching, according to the Mayo Clinic, and get worse over time. The rate at which a person’s condition degrades can...

    Doctors aren’t totally sure what causes ALS in most cases, though it does appear to have a genetic component in some people, according to the Mayo Clinic. It’s usually diagnosed in people between ages 40 and 60, and men seem to be more likely than women to develop the condition, at least before the age of 65, the Mayo Clinic says.

    Quite rare. Just 5% of ALS patients live longer than 20 years, according to the ALS Association, and it’s virtually unheard of to survive for 50 years or more — though North America’s longest-living ALS patient, a Canadian named Steven Wells, has had the condition for almost 40 years.“This is fairly untypical,” says Lucie Bruijn, the ALS Association’s chief scientist, adding that she is not aware of anyone who has survived ALS longer than Hawking did. Hawking was also able to evade the dement...

    Researchers aren’t sure, Bruijn says. “ALS is a complex disorder, and every journey is so incredibly variable,” she says. “We are working with teams globally on these very big data efforts, trying to understand each person’s clinical journey, what their genetics look like and what they were exposed to.” From that, she says, they’re “trying to figure out the puzzle.”With only a few cases of extreme longevity on record, Bruijn says the sample size is too small to draw concrete conclusions about...

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  4. What is ALS, the disease Stephen Hawking battled for five ...

    Hawking had a form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Early-onset and slow-progressing, he was diagnosed at age 21 during his studies at the University of ...

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  5. How Has Stephen Hawking Lived Past 70 with ALS? - Scientific ...

    Jan 07, 2012 · How Has Stephen Hawking Lived Past 70 with ALS? An expert on Lou Gehrig's disease explains what we know about this debilitating condition and how Hawking has beaten the odds

  6. Stephen Hawking’s Long Life With ALS |

    Jul 09, 2019 · In what is an unusual occurrence for ALS, Professor Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with the disease at the age of only 21, when he was studying at Cambridge University in 1963. During this time, much less was known about the disease, which meant Hawking did not have the sort of support and medical help that is available to people these-days.

  7. What Disease Did Stephen Hawking Suffer From? How Did Stephen ...

    Mar 14, 2018 · Stephen Hawking’s Cause of Death Hawking’s family has not yet revealed how he died and simply stated that he died peacefully in his home.

  8. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - Wikipedia's_Disease

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS; also known as Lou Gehrig's disease in Canada and the United States, as motor neurone disease (MND) in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, and Charcot disease in francophone countries) is a neurodegenerative neuromuscular disease that results in the progressive loss of motor neurons that control voluntary muscles.

    • Unknown (most), inherited (few)
    • 50s–60s
    • Lou Gehrig's disease;, Charcot's disease;, motor neurone disease (MND)
    • Neurology
  9. ALS: The disease that killed Stephen Hawking - The Hush Post

    Mar 14, 2018 · Stephen Hawking died on March 14, 2018 at the age of 76. He was affected by ALS for more than 50 years of his life, and that brings us to the question: What is ALS? Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive, neurodegenerative disease.

  10. How Do You Die from ALS? | Live Science

    Mar 14, 2018 · Hawking was a physics student at the University of Cambridge when he was diagnosed with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's disease) in 1963, and he was given just two years to live.

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