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  1. 10 Largest Cities in Ohio - 2021 World Population by Country › states › cities

    Youngstown (66,687) Lorain (63,597) The largest city in Ohio is Columbus with a population of 913,921. Lithopolis is the fastest growing city in Ohio over the past 10 years, having grown 79.48% since 2010.

    2021 Pop
    2010 Census
  2. List of cities in Ohio - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_cities_in_Ohio

    Cities in the U.S. state of Ohio are incorporated municipalities whose population is greater than 5,000. Smaller municipalities are villages. Nonresident college students and incarcerated inmates do not count towards the city requirement of 5,000 residents. There are currently 247 municipalities in Ohio considered to be cities in Ohio.

  3. List of United States cities by population - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_United_States

    The following table lists the 317 incorporated places in the United States (excluding the U.S. territories) with a population of at least 100,000 on July 1, 2020, as estimated by the United States Census Bureau.

    2020 rank
    2020 estimate
  4. Ohio Cities With The Largest Black Population For 2021 › most-african-american-cities

    Dec 21, 2020 · Warrensville Heights took the number one over all spot for the largest Black population in ohio for 2021. See if it ranked as one of the most african american cities in America. Read on below to see how we crunched the numbers and how your town ranked. To see where ohio ranked as a state on diversity, we have a ranking of the most diverse ...

  5. Largest cities in the United States by population - Ballotpedia › Largest_cities_in_the_United

    Aug 21, 2015 · The map below shows the 100 largest cities in the United States by population. The table below lists these 100 largest cities, their 2013 populations, their current mayors , when mayors took office, when current mayoral terms expire, the approximate total expenditures of the city budget, and whether each city held municipal elections in 2020.

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  7. Cities with the Highest Percentage of Whites in Ohio. % College Grad. % High School Grad. % No-Mortgage Prop. People / Sq. Mile.

  8. Cincinnati, Ohio 1,197 (0.4%) Ranked by percentage. The following communities have more than 5% of the population as being of Hungarian ancestry, based on data extracted from the United States Census, 2000, for communities with more than 1,000 individuals identifying their ancestry (in descending order by percentage of population):

  9. The 20 Biggest U.S. Cities Based on Population › biggest-u-s-cities-4158615
    • New York, New York: Population 8,537,673. The U.S. Census Bureau showed a gain for New York City of 362,500 residents (4.4 percent) as compared with the 2010 figures, and each of the city's boroughs gained people.
    • Los Angeles, California: Population 3,976,322. The median home price (owner occupied) in Los Angeles is nearly $600,000, the median age of the people there is 35.6, and 60 percent of all the nearly 1.5 million households speak a language other than (or in addition to) English.
    • Chicago, Illinois: Population 2,704,958. Overall, Chicago's population is declining, but the city is becoming more racially diverse. Populations of people of Asian and Hispanic origin are growing, while the numbers of Caucasians and Blacks are decreasing.
    • Houston, Texas: Population 2,303,482. Houston was eighth in the top 10 fastest growing cities between 2015 and 2016, adding 18,666 people that year. About two-thirds are 18 years old and above, and only about 10 percent 65 and over.
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