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  1. Who Owns Which Car Brands?
    • Jim Gorzelany
    • Aston Martin. James Bond’s favorite car company is owned by Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings, and is only one of two traditional British brands sold in the U.S. to remain owned by a U.K.
    • BMW Group. The company that’s officially known as Bayerische Motoren Werke AG has long been a brand of choice among automotive enthusiasts, with sedans, wagons, coupes and SUVs that outperform the competition.
    • Daimler. Once the German half of the company formerly known as DaimlerChrysler from 1998-2007, Daimler AG is the parent company of luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz , which is still the brand to beat for sheer status and comfort, and mini-car brand Smart, which is known for neither attribute.
    • Ferrari. The company that Enzo Ferrari established in 1940 as a motorsports entity is inarguably one of the world’s leading sports car makers, with a line of exotic and expensive vehicles that go fast and look ever so good doing it.
  2. Who Owns Which Car Brands? - Consumer Reports

    Consumer Reports presents a basic road map to who owns which car brands among the major automotive companies that sell in the U.S., from Acura to Volvo.

  3. 25 massive companies that are still family owned

    Agribusiness firm Cargill, Incorporated is America's largest privately owned company.

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      Law for most states I'm aware of is: Once your vehicle is impounded, the company impounding has a lien on your vehicle, so until you pay the impound fees, they own your vehicle. If you take it without doing so, even though is was your car,...

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      since the used car dealers sell cars from auctions and buying cars from dealers who took trade ins and do not want to sell them. that's whats on the lots as far as independently owned used cars if that's what you're asking. if you do not...

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    The IRS Laws Concerning Business-Owned Vehicles. Whether your business runs a fleet of delivery vans or uses a single company-owned car on occasion, you will have expenses and deductions to report on a business return. Vehicle expenses are an important component of your business financials, and are essential to keep ...

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  9. 10 Largest Privately Owned Companies in the World (by Revenue ...
    • Cargill. Revenue: $114.7 billion. Number of Employees: 155,000. Headquarters Location: Minnesota, USA. Main Industry: Food, Drink & Tobacco. Source:
    • Koch Industries. Revenue: $110 billion. Number of Employees: 120,000. Headquarters Location: Kansas, USA. Main Industry: Resources and Commodities. Source:
    • Albertsons. Revenue: $59.9 billion. Number of Employees: 275,000. Headquarters Location: Idaho, USA. Main Industry: Food Markets. Source: Albertsons has done its best to stand out from its competition since its beginnings in 1939 when it provided customers with an unusually large shopping space and filled its stores with lots of employees and a wide variety of goods.
    • Deloitte. Revenue: $43.2 billion. Number of Employees: 263,900. Headquarters Location: London, United Kingdom. Main Industry: Business Services & Supplies. Source:
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    In fact, there are many big-name companies that are also privately held—check out the Forbes list of America's largest private companies, which includes big-name brands like Mars, Cargill, Fidelity...