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  1. The major in English at Cornell prepares students for a wide range of intellectual and professional pursuits, and does so by combining innovative and traditional fields and approaches. Many students supplement their formal coursework in English by attending public lectures and poetry readings sponsored by the department or by writing for campus ...

  2. Our eight undergraduate colleges and schools offer more than 4,000 courses across 100 academic departments. Our faculty, numbering more than 2,900 worldwide, includes Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, and recognized leaders in their respective fields.

  3. The Department of Literatures in English offers a wide range of courses—in English, American and Anglophone literature as well as in creative writing, expository writing, and film analysis—for students majoring in any field.

  4. Cornell offers nearly 80 majors and more than 120 minors. For students whose interests don't fit neatly into a pre-existing major, there’s even an opportunity to design an independent course of study or to double major. To learn more, please see Cornell's Courses of Study website.

  5. What degree (s) does the College of Arts and Sciences offer? Regardless of major, the College of Arts & Sciences grants one degree: the A.B. A.B. is the abbreviation of the Latin name for the degree “artium baccalarius,” or translated into English, B.A., “Bachelor of Arts.”.

  6. What majors or academic programs does Cornell offer? How are the workload and stress levels at Cornell? Does Cornell offer distance education or online learning?

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  8. The Department of Literatures in English offers two graduate degree options for prospective applicants: MFA in Creative Writing The Creative Writing Program offers the MFA degree, with a concentration in either poetry or fiction.

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