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  1. The arrival of Princess Margaret in 1353, as the sixth and youngest child of King Valdemar IV of Denmark, would prove the catalyst that put all of the pieces in place for their eventual success. Her mother and father were estranged by the time of her birth, though it’s not entirely clear why, but Margaret quickly became a pawn in the Game of ...

  2. Templars in Denmark: Bornholm Island - The Real History ...

    The first, supported by Eskil, was Alexander III. The other, supported by the emperor and Denmark’s new king, Valdemar, was named Victor IV. Eskil didn’t want to have to choose between King Valdemar and the popes, and so he kept away from Denmark. He wandered about Europe and made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem at some point between 1161 and 1167.

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    King Magnus VII ruled Norway until 1350, when his son, Haakon, was placed on the throne as Haakon VI. In 1363, Haakon VI married Margaret, the daughter of King Valdemar IV of Denmark. Upon the death of Haakon VI, in 1379, his son, Olaf IV, was only 10 years old. Olaf had already been elected to the throne of Denmark on 3 May 1376.

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    The history of Denmark as a unified kingdom began in the 8th century, but historic documents describe the geographic area and the people living there—the Danes—as early as 500 AD. These early documents include the writings of Jordanes and Procopius .

  5. Philip Augustus and the Angevin Empire: the Scandinavian ...

    During the reign of Valdemar I (d. 1182), the Danish king had made Mege homage to the emperor, wiio in return had sanctioned Valdemar's eastward expansion into Slav territories.14 The execution of this expansion was made in competition and often in alliance widi Henrv the Lion, duke of Saxony.'"1 The duke's fall from grace in 1180 left a power ...

  6. Abdication | European Royal History

    Carlos III was an active, working monarch with experienced first ministers to help reach decisions. Carlos IV by contrast was a do-nothing king, with a domineering wife and an inexperienced but ambitious first minister, Godoy. Well-meaning and pious, Carlos IV floundered in a series of international crises beyond his capacity to handle.

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    The only real claim to wealth lay in the rich cities of northern Italy, which were still within the nominal control of the German king. The Salian line had died out with the death of Henry V in 1125. The German princes refused to give the crown to his nephew, the duke of Swabia, for fear he would try to regain the imperial power held by Henry V.

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    Abbey after her death in 1167. Matilda was born to Henry I, King of England and Duke of Normandy, and his first wife, Matilda of Scotland, possibly around Danis

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    A house says a lot about the people living in it: their social and economic status, their religion and culture, their cleanliness. The same can be said about a king and his kingdom. You're unlikely to find Moloch the Despoiler ruling Hippity Hoppity Happy Hare Hill, and a place like the Firepits of Wrath is most certainly not going to be ruled by the iron-fisted Tooth Fairy (unless, of course ...

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    What do you read in your spare which might surprise the lot of us? I don't think any readers would be surprised because I read anything, and I think that curiosity is a huge part of being a reader. But I'm a real sucker for factual books about sea creatures, I have an excellent book about lobsters (omg, lobsters are awful creatures).

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