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  1. The Articles of Confederation What did the Anti-federalists want added to the constitution? A bill of Rights The larger states wanted to base government on The Virginia Plan Who was named President of the constitutional convention? George Washington YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE... Social Studies- Chapter 815 Terms volleyballer54

  2. What did the Anti-Federalists want? A Bill of Rights added to the Constitution to protect state/individual rights under the law Both sides want to protect the people from what? Tyranny (a cruel and oppressive government) When was the New Constitution ratified by 11 of the 13 states? June of 1788. Who became the first president? George Washington

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    Why did the federalists want a strong central government?

    What did the Anti - federalists want?

    What did the Anti - federalists believe?

    Why did the Federalists support the Constitution?

  4. Chapter 6 - The Bill of Rights STUDY Flashcards Learn Write Spell Test PLAY Match Gravity Created by NovusfraterV2 Terms in this set (41) Bill of Rights A list of citizens' rights What did Anti-Federalists want added to the Constitution? A Bill of Rights Amendment Process The way in which changes are added to the Constitution

  5. Federalists or Anti- Federalists: Believed in elitism. Saw themselves and those of their class as most fit to govern. Federalists or Anti-Federalists: Believed in the decency of the common man and in direct democracy; viewed elites as corrupt. Federalists or Anti-Federalists: Powerful central government.

  6. Tea Act and the Townshend Acts Intolerable Acts (Coercive Acts) Response of British to the Boston Tea Party Actions taken by colonists at First Continental Congress 1. Issued the Declaration of Rights 2. Boycotted British goods. 3. Formed the minutemen. Shot Heard Round the World First shot of the Revolutionary War.

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