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  1. World Series of Poker bracelet - Wikipedia › wiki › World_Series_of_Poker_bracelet

    5 days ago · At first, the bracelets did not have much prestige. Ten-time bracelet winner Doyle Brunson said that his first bracelet "didn't mean anything" to him and that he did not even pick up two of them. Some professional poker players believe that there are two types of poker players; those who have won a bracelet and those who have not.

  2. List of Russian monarchs - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Russian_monarchs

    1 day ago · Vasili's son Ivan the Terrible formalized the situation by assuming the title Tsar of All Rus' in 1547, when the state of Russia (apart from its constituent principalities) came into formal being. Dates are listed in the Old Style , which continued to be used in Russia until the revolution.

  3. Elizabeth of Russia - Wikipedia › wiki › Elizabeth_of_Russia

    4 days ago · Elizabeth was born at Kolomenskoye, near Moscow, Russia, on 18 December 1709 ().Her parents were Peter the Great, Tsar of Russia and Catherine. Catherine was the daughter of Samuel Skowroński, a subject of Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

  4. Anna of Russia - Wikipedia › wiki › Anna_of_Russia

    14 hours ago · Early life. Anna was born in Moscow as the daughter of Tsar Ivan V by his wife Praskovia Saltykova.Ivan V was co-ruler of Russia along with his younger half-brother Peter the Great, but he was mentally disabled and incapable of administering the country, and Peter effectively ruled alone.

  5. Mutual assured destruction - Wikipedia › wiki › Mutally_assured_destruction

    4 days ago · The US Department of Defense anticipates a continued need for a sea-based strategic nuclear force. The first of the current Ohio-class SSBNs are expected to be retired by 2029, meaning that a replacement platform must already be seaworthy by that time. A replacement may cost over $4 billion per unit compared to the USS Ohio ' s $2 billion.

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