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  1. May 22, 2015 · If a bartender runs out of something or wants to get rid of it, she may tell other barstaff to 86 it. Likewise, a bartender can 86 a customer who’s had a bit too much by kicking them out.

  2. Bartender's handshake: A gift from one bartender to another, usually in the form of a shot and free ‍Behind: Called out when making one's location known when not in the line of sight, to avoid running into any other barbacks, bussers, or bartenders behind the bar

  3. Jul 12, 2016 · A device used by bars to serve various types of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks. Different buttons on the gun are used to pour out different drinks. Q (Tonic water), L (7-Up, Sprite, Sierra Mist or Mountain Dew), G (Ginger ale), C (Cola), D (Diet Cola), S (Club soda), W (Water), O (Orange soda), P (Pineapple juice), C (Cranberry juice), SS ...

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  5. May 31, 2017 · Bartenders Shared The Smoothest Pick Up Lines They’ve Ever Heard And They Are Amazing. #best pick up lines. by Cass Anderson May 31, 2017. Via Shutterstock / Bobex-73. Bartenders are *typically* sober while the patrons are drinking themselves into a stupor. This means that bartenders get to overhear all of the drunken chatter that the ...

  6. This hands-on experience will put you in the best position to become a bartender. You'll often get to learn how to make cocktails and get on-the-job training from bartenders who need your help. Another pro for barbacking over bartending school is that you get paid to do it. So if money is a concern, then working at a bar is a smart decision.

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