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  1. 6. Behind the Stick. If a bartender is behind the stick, he or she is working behind the bar doing the actual bartending rather than managerial tasks. Though this term is believed to have come ...

  2. Most Bartenders Do Receive a Regular Paycheck. Bartenders generally work for a dining establishment or a bar, or for an event service. State and federal law regulates how much and in what way businesses must pay their employees, so bartenders, at least in California and New York, make at least an hourly minimum wage. This is generally paid out weekly or every two weeks on a paycheck, and it is taxed.

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  4. According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), a bartender’s average hourly rate (tips included) is around $13.90 ($28,910 per year) and the top earners are making $22.93 an hour ($47,690 per year) as of 2020 (the most updated year on record). Updated 2022. But I know for a fact that these numbers are wrong.

  5. Apr 11, 2022 · To better understand how bartender salaries change across America, we decided to take a look the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on average pay for bartenders by state. Additionally, we wanted to adjust the salary based on the cost of living in a state — because your salary goes further in North Carolina than it does in ...

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  6. The bartender will greet customers, learn about their preferences, answer questions, recommend menu items, and prepare and serve beverages and food. You will also upsell items, create recipes, utilize proper equipment and ingredients, and handle basic cleaning duties. To succeed as a bartender, you should have a neat appearance and an engaging ...

  7. In front of the entire bar. While the security cameras roll so you and your friends can laugh and watch it later. 2. Free Bodyguards. Every bartender needs a dude 3x his size manning the door. Not everybody likes having their girlfriends ridiculed for being loose sluts and now those guys want to kick your ass.