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  1. May 22, 2015 · If a bartender runs out of something or wants to get rid of it, she may tell other barstaff to 86 it. Likewise, a bartender can 86 a customer who’s had a bit too much by kicking them out.

  2. Bartender Lingo: Bar Terminology Every Bartender Knows. Whether you call them bar terms, bartender terminology or bartender lingo, it all equates to the same thing – bartender language: the words you need to know to become a good bartender. Learning proper bar terms is not difficult – they’re aren’t that many and much is self-explanatory.

  3. Nov 19, 2013 · Bartenders Pour Out Their Sneaky Tricks and Tips. Act 3 Jon Taffer from "Bar Rescue" reveals the ways a bartender can rip you off at the bar. ABC News. Nov. 21, 2013— -- intro: People head to ...

  4. Dec 23, 2018 · Bar-back: An assistant to the bartender. A bar-back usually runs glasses through the dishwasher, stocks the coolers and liquor bottles, and pours beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks for the waitstaff. A bar-back can also double as a busser (below). Bussing: Term used for clearing off and resetting tables after guests have left. In busier ...

  5. Feb 05, 2016 · There are six things you need to look out for. All the bartenders I talked to agreed on these six flirting facts. I call it the P.A.N.D.A.S™ Point System, and you need a combined score of at ...

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  6. Feb 12, 2014 · Get to know a few drinks, try them out, and know what you want like a proper gentleman. And if you are really in the mood to try something new, make sure it’s a slow night , and start off by first telling the bartender what base liquor you’re in the mood for. Oh, and tip well. 6. One Tab Per Night Please

  7. Depends on what type of customer you are… There are a few different types of customer: 1. The “regular” - usually travels in packs and has “claimed” an area of the bar, plus the accompanying stool.

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