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  1. Mar 20, 2023 · That being said, Elemental is currently one of the specs where secondary stats can matter a lot depending on your build, mostly due to interactions with our Mastery, and Lava Burst always being a Critical Strike. For more detailed information about stats, please visit our dedicated Stats guide. Elemental Shaman Stat Priority. 3.

  2. Mar 20, 2023 · This bonus is based on the number of pieces from the set you have equipped, with most tier sets providing bonuses when equipping 2 or 4 pieces. For more information on Dragonflight Season 1 gear and Tier Set Bonuses, check out the Elemental Shaman Gear Page! Elemental Shaman Gear Guide Vault of the Incarnates Tier Set Bonuses for Elemental Shaman

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  4. Mar 20, 2023 · Fire Mage in Mythic+. Fire Mage is a great choice for Mythic+. It can focus on priority targets during Combustion, has great cleave capabilities, and can opt into uncapped AoE Flame Patch and Flamestrike. The only downside for Fire is that you have to opt into a full-on AoE build, at the cost of single-target DPS, or opt into a more single ...

  5. Mar 22, 2023 · Use Capacitor Totem and Earthbind Totem to do so. If one catches up to you, use Thunderstorm to create distance. You can largely ignore this mechanic as they only spawn in melee. However they do spin around in a circle, so if you're close to the pack, be sure to stay out of it's way. Dragonflight Season 1 Elemental Shaman Tips and Tricks

  6. Mar 14, 2023 · Elemental (and every other spec) will remain competitive for 99.9% of the playerbase. Q: “What do all these abbreviations mean? I can’t understand other Elemental Shaman!” It can be tough trying to learn all of them at once but there is a handy resource to help you! Elemental Abbreviations. Q: “What does Flash of Lightning actually ...

  7. Mar 13, 2023 · 3 targets you is a modification of the single target priority where you replace Earth Shock with Earthquake and replace the Lava Burst with Chain Lightning. You still want to cast Lightning Bolt with Surge of Power, especially with Stormkeeper. Playstyle. Elemental in Dragonflight has a more robust toolkit than it has had in many years.