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  1. Elemental Powers are ancestral powers used by Elemental Masters. Amber is a secondary element used by Skylor. It lets the user mimic the other Elemental Powers. It associates with the color orange. Brown Power is a fake Elemental Power that is used by Dareth. It allows the user to have the urge to desperately use the bathroom, after creating brown "flames." It associates with the color brown ...

  2. light speed teleportaion void travle through shadow storm cloud (must combine with thunder power) ring of fire inferno black holes worm holes white holes nova metaor shower comit moon solar beam sonic boom storm cloud (must combine with electric power) falling mountin earth quakes burrow golumes land slide crators tornado aerial attack darts wing blades flight levitation whorl pools waves ...

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    Fire Entity Physiology


    A user with this ability either is or can transform into a fire elemental; a creature with a natural affinity towards fire, heat, and fire-based elements. Some fire elementals may be born from fire or related elements. They can wield limited but potent fire-based powers and abilities of their very own.

    Fire Elementals can come in many shapes and sizes with varying degrees of strength and intelligence while also having common and or even unique qualities depending on the creature and its nature o

    Bio-Fire Manipulation

    Bio-Burning Manipulation

    Bio-Heat Manipulation

    Bio-Pyric Dynamo

    Bio-Heat Dynamo

    Bio-Thermochemistry Manipulation

    Fire Deity Physiology

    Fire Demon Physiology

    Fire Elementals can be dominated by many fire beings stronger then themselves.

    Ice Manipulation and Cold Manipulation can weaken the user of their powers.

    Seraphim (Christianity)

    Fire Elementals (Adventure Time)

    Flame People

    Fire Elementor (Max Steel 2013)

    Meramon (Digimon)

    Infernals (Fire Force)

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    What are elemental powers?

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    In ancient times, when science wasn't as developed as it is now, people often associated four things that made up nature: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. After being disproven by modern science, these four remain extremely significant when the term "elements" is used. The list has also been expanded in fiction, often including or associating Electricity, Ice, and other basic constitutes of nature.

    The list below provides an in-depth look at the powers/abilities one might gain pertaining to the four

    Air Boundary - separate air/wind

    Air Manipulation - Manipulate air/wind.

    Air/Wind Generation - Generate air/wind.

    Air Mimicry - Transform into air or mimic traits of air.

    Air Magic - Use magic related to air.

    Air Embodiment - Become the embodiment/personification of the element of air.

    Earth Boundary - separate earth

    Earth Manipulation - Manipulate earth.

    Earth Generation - Generate earth.

    Earth Mimicry - Transform into earth or mimic traits of earth.

    Earth Magic - Use magic related to earth.

    Earth Embodiment - Become the embodiment/personification of the element of earth.

    Fire Boundary - separate fire

    Fire Manipulation - Manipulate fire.

    Fire Generation - Generate fire.

    Fire Mimicry - Transform into fire or mimic traits of fire.

    Fire Magic - Use magic related to fire.

    Fire Embodiment - Become the embodiment/personification of the element of fire.

    Water Boundary - separate water

    Water Manipulation - Manipulate water.

    Water Generation - Generate water.

    Water Mimicry - Transform into water or mimic traits of water.

    Water Magic - Use magic related to water.

    Water Embodiment - Become the embodiment/personification of the element of water.

    Electricity Boundary - separate electricity/lightning

    Electricity Manipulation - Manipulate electricity.

    Electricity Generation - Generate electricity.

    Electricity Mimicry - Transform into electricity or mimic traits of electricity.

    Electricity Magic - Use magic related to electricity.

    Electricity Embodiment - Become the embodiment/personification of the element of electricity.

    Ice Boundary - separate ice

    Ice Manipulation - Manipulate ice.

    Ice Generation - Generate ice.

    Ice Mimicry - Transform into ice or mimic traits of ice.

    Ice Magic - Use magic related to ice.

    Ice Embodiment - Become the embodiment/personification of the element of ice.

    Plant Boundary - separate plant's/nature

    Plant Manipulation - Manipulate plants.

    Plant Generation - Generate plants.

    Plant Mimicry - Transform into plants or mimic traits of plants.

    Plant Magic - Use magic related to plants.

    Plant Embodiment - Become the embodiment/personification of the element of plants.

  4. Answer (1 of 2): Well, as with every question ever, it depends on the context. If you're asking the benefits in real life, that's really easy- you'd have superpowers.

  5. May 16, 2022 · Did you ever ask yourself this question, "What elemental power do I have?" Well, with this quiz, you'd be able to find out if your elemental power is: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, or the legendary Lightning! You're going to love this quiz as it will tell you what elemental power do you possess. The only you have to do is just answer ten simple questions based on your personality, and we will tell ...