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  1. Bloodline powers, or Kekkai Genkai, combine two elements to create a new one which cannot be accessed by other characters - the First Hokage can combine Earth and Water to create Wood, Haku can combine Air and Water to create Ice, the Mizukage can combine both Fire and Earth to make Lava and Fire and Water to make "Boil" (A corrosive/acidic mist), while Darui can combine Water and Lightning to create "Storm" (the one technique he used it for made a lot of bright beams which are probably made ...

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    Another type will be added to the original type(s), making 3 as the maximum number of types of any Pokémon.

    On Alpha 0.2 Release, Elemental Pokémon appeared! When they appear, a message pops up saying that a Elemental Pokemon has appeared, just like Shiny/Shadow Pokémon when they do appear. They have a red bar just like wild Shiny and Shadow pokemon do. This means you can capture the Pokémon freely without having to weaken it.

    Some elemental are less rare than shiny and some are more rare and some are the same. Certain types are exclusive for different game versons, but can be traded between profiles with separate game versions to complete a set on one profile.

    Before v1.9

    1. The type and all the moves an elemental Pokémon will be overridden of the elemental type. (There is an exception, see below). For example, a Electric Elemental Pokémon is PureElectric ytpe and all of their moves are Electric -ytpe. 2. The type (Bothprimary and secondary types if applicable) becomes the elemental type. 3. All moves used follows the elemental type, and comply to effectiveness rules. 3.1. For example, an elemental Electric Blastoise using Hydro Pump will NOT hit Dugtrio, sinc...


    "Since we already captured most shiny and shadow Pokémon in PTD1/2 I added a new "Shiny" type for PTD3 called Elemental. It is different from Shiny/Shadow because it completely changes your Pokémon type as well as all their attack types." Shadow Pokémon will act the same way as elementals, all of their moves are Shadow type.

    Dragon Elementals learn Dragon Rage at level 40, meanwhile Dragon Ragedoes afxed damage of 40.
    Boss Pokemon used to be able to have a chance of appearing as an elemental.ddddyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shit box
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  3. Jan 28, 2013 · As such, you need to borrow from elemental types to make yourself a well-rounded person! A pokemon team plays to each pokemon’s respective type strength. They stack on the benefits(same type attack bonuses, varied movepools), while minimizing the detriments of the type(countering elements on the team, baton pass and wish type moves).

  4. In versions after 1.02, Elementalist applies the STAB modifier to Fire- and Water-type moves regardless of the Pokémon with the ability. Click here for more info on known bugs. Elementalist. 300px. [ [File:|center]] In-game description. Powers up Fire, Electric, and Water-type moves.

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  5. Fire Manipulation - Manipulate fire. Fire Generation - Generate fire. Fire Mimicry - Transform into fire or mimic traits of fire. Fire Magic - Use magic related to fire. Fire Embodiment - Become the embodiment/personification of the element of fire. Pyroscience - Have absolute knowledge about fire.

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    Generation V

    Fire Pledge inflicts damage. It has a regular powerof 50. When two allies attempt to use Fire Pledge and either Water Pledge or Grass Pledgeon the same turn, the ally moving first will not itself use a move, but instead the ally moving second will use a combined attack with a power of 150 and an additional effect immediately after it: 1. If Fire Pledge and Water Pledge are used in the same turn, the ally moving second will use Water Pledge with a power of 150, and create a rainbow on the user...

    Generation VI onward

    Fire Pledge's regular power changed from 50 to 80. In addition, Fire Pledge does not work in Sky Battles.

    By Move Tutor

    Various Move Tutors can teach Fire Pledge to any Fire-type starter Pokémon of any evolutionary stage. From Generation VII onward, Move Tutors will also teach Fire Pledge to the Fire-type elemental monkeys. From Generation V to VII, Move Tutors will only teach this move to Pokémon with maximized friendship. The Move Tutors who teach this move are: 1. BW: a man in the house to the right of the market in Driftveil City. 2. B2W2: a man outside of the Pokémon World Tournamentbuilding. 3. XY: a man...

    Starting in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Silvally is programmed to be able to be taught Fire Pledge. However, the Move Tutor will only ever offer to teach it Grass Pledge, making Fire Pledge a...

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