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    • 1861-1865: The Complete Story Of The American Civil War. The American Civil War is a defining moment in US history. From 1861 to 1865, the Union and Confederate forces clashed across the country as the fate of the nation hung in balance.
    • U.S Presidents 1789 – 1817: Washington, Adams, Jefferson & Madison. The United States of America has seen a host of dynamic presidents since its founding in 1789.
    • The Untold Story Of The Americas Before Columbus -1491: Full Series. The story of the Americas before Columbus is a captivating and often overlooked part of our history.
    • THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. From the Founding Fathers to the present day, learn about how America has grown and changed throughout its history. This documentary covers some of the most important moments in US History that have shaped our nation into what it is today.
  1. Fortunately, there are plenty of movies that tackle other important events of the era, including the 1899 newsboy strike of Newsies and the rise of gangsters in New York and Chicago, as in Bugsy.

  2. May 6, 2014 · We’ve compiled a great list of films that span American history from the formation of the colonies to the conclusion of the Cold War. Each article includes several films and their educational value, ratings, and appropriateness for children, and how well they represent the time periods covered.

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  3. Jul 29, 2023 · Whether in the form of a biopic or a historical epic — a costume drama or a fictionalized piece of history — these films convey something meaningful and resonant about the country’s past and...

    • what do you know about us history chronology of books by series of movies1
    • what do you know about us history chronology of books by series of movies2
    • what do you know about us history chronology of books by series of movies3
    • what do you know about us history chronology of books by series of movies4
  4. Jun 27, 2006 · Explore the rich tapestry of America's past with these influential books on American history. Discover the narratives and insights that rank at the top of reading lists from esteemed publications and history blogs.

  5. My book makes American history accessible by integrating theme, chronology, and geography. Readers may start with the first chapter, on the National Mall in Washington, DC, a central place where these themes come together. The next forty-nine essays are in chronological order.

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  7. Jul 3, 2018 · Check out these 10 movies and shows streaming now that will have you mastering U.S. history in no time. Founding Fathers: “Drunk History” Season 2, Episode 8: Thomas Jefferson and John...