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  1. Jan 29, 2021 · 13. The Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman. “In this landmark, Pulitzer Prize–winning account, renowned historian Barbara W. Tuchman re-creates the first month of World War I: thirty days in the summer of 1914 that determined the course of the conflict, the century, and ultimately our present world.

  2. Nov 30, 2021 · America on Fire: The Untold History of Police Violence and Black Rebellion Since the 1960s by Elizabeth Hinton. Between July 1964 and April 2001, almost 2,000 urban rebellions sparked by racially ...

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  4. Sep 11, 2023 · This is a list of the best historical fiction series on television, ranked from best to worst. Whether historical dramas, comedies, or action shows, TV series set in real history have rich source material and great stories to tell. This list of the greatest historical fiction shows also includes pictures from the shows when available.

  5. Sep 23, 2023 · The modern world may look very different from the world that existed in the time of ancient civilizations, but our modern-day life continues to show the influence of cultures, traditions, ideas, and innovations from hundreds of years ago. Learn more about important historical civilizations, sites, people, and events. Articles.

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    1 day ago · History Herodotus ( c. 484 – c. 425 BC) has been considered the "father of history" in the Western world. History (derived from Ancient Greek ἱστορία (historía) 'inquiry; knowledge acquired by investigation') [1] is the systematic study and documentation of the human past. [2] [3]

  7. Sep 13, 2023 · Here are 50 Best History Blogs you should follow in 2023. 1. Ancient Origins. Dublin, Ireland. The goal of Ancient Origins is to highlight recent archaeological discoveries, peer-reviewed academic research and evidence, as well as offering alter... more.

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