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  1. Feb 24, 2017 · If you want to write a book about my father, you are free to do so. But what you are not free to do is to slander my father. If you slander my father to my face, and I get angry, emotion becomes an action. Two people can bear the blame, and one of them is you. I am not saying that anyone who wants to speak about Muslim faith is not allowed to.

  2. This chapter deals with the practical side of sexual morality. We will first talk about marriage at the age of puberty, followed by a look into the possible ways unlawful as well as lawful of handling sexual urge if one decides not to marry soon after puberty, and finally the marriage procedure and sexual techniques will be discussed comprehensively.

  3. May 16, 2012 · Once you are inside a Madhhab for study, you'll definitely progress and when you are advanced enough, you can learn about what other Madhhabs have to say. An advanced student and scholar are free then to prefer whatever opinion they like based on research and self-study, though they would still be affiliated to their original Madhhab.

  4. Jun 30, 2008 · Praise be to Allah. With regard to ijtihaad and taqleed, people in a country fall into two categories: 1 – The scholars and mujtahids who have reached a level of shar’i knowledge where they have the tools of ijtihaad and instinbaat, whereby they are able to derive rulings.

  5. Feb 24, 2014 · Few days earlier, we came across a news which said, that a minor Muslim girl (17 years old) from Hyderabad (India) was forced to marry 6 different people by her parents for a good sum of money. As …

  6. Sep 16, 2012 · Yes, the reaction should be against the. people responsible. Rioting, looting and destruction, killing those. granted protection by the state, aside from being against the Sunnah. is a waste of time and energy and doesn’t achieve the objective. The. objective being bringing these criminals to justice and putting a.

  7. Mutah Chat 1. That's right, Mutah Chat is back. Please use it responsibly. Let all your single friends know that they could meet a like minded Mutah partner here. Mutah is also spelt by some as Muta, Mutaa Muta'a Muta'ah and in Iran it is variously known as Sighe, Sigha, Seeghe, Seegah, Seegha and various other spellings for Muta.

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