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  1. First to know is that there are levels for Mujtahids, what we are talking about here is the "Unlimited Mujtahid" (Mujtahid Motlak المجتهد المطلق), which is the highest level. There is a quote of Imam Shafei (may Allah be merciful to his majesty) that describes who can derive fatwas, i.e, who is a qualified mujtahid:

  2. What our mujtahids have said that you can assume everything-except the animal products obtained from a kaffir-as tahir and halal unless you come to know otherwise is based on the clear guide-lines provided by our Imam (a.s).

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  5. Marriage And Morals In Islam By Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi. What Do You Mean? - How Can There Be Sacred Sex In Islam? From Sexual Techniques From Marriage And Morals In Islam By Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi. A useful section in this very useful book. Islam Says Sex Is Good For You Lots of links about Sex from

  6. Feb 24, 2017 · If you want to write a book about my father, you are free to do so. But what you are not free to do is to slander my father. If you slander my father to my face, and I get angry, emotion becomes an action. Two people can bear the blame, and one of them is you. I am not saying that anyone who wants to speak about Muslim faith is not allowed to.

  7. Sep 16, 2012 · Yes, the reaction should be against the. people responsible. Rioting, looting and destruction, killing those. granted protection by the state, aside from being against the Sunnah. is a waste of time and energy and doesn’t achieve the objective. The. objective being bringing these criminals to justice and putting a.

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