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  1. This dissertation critically argues that the dominant representation of the dominated groups can mirror its way into the self-representation of those groups. Moreover, a fetishism for politics (i.e., a repression and denial of engagement in the

  2. This study explores why Islam has been growing right around the world, giving some possible factors and how best to engage with Islam in cordial ways

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    • Aqil Aziz
  5. As well as the updated Top 50 and 450 lists, Political we have our regular House of Islam essay which Administration of Religious Affairs gives an overview of Islam and its branches. Our Preachers and Spiritual Guides Guest Contributions section has exclusive articles Philanthropy/Charity and Development covering a wide range of issues.

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  7. Three issues of paramount importance -- namely, fundamentalism, spiritual abuse, and terrorism -- are brought together in one volume in a way that delineates the interconnected dynamics of these topics. Moreover, these central themes are engaged from