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    • R. Chandra राम चन...
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    What was the influence of Persian language in Jammu and Kashmir?

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  3. He once observed: “I see what you do not see. I hear what you do not hear. The sky is crackling and it is liable to do so. By God, there is no space, not even an inch where an angel has not bowed his head in submission to God. By God, if you knew what I know, you would cry more and laugh less. Women would cease to give you any pleasure.

  4. Curiously enough the script continued to be in use for some time even after the advent of Islam and for a few years coexisted with the Persi-Arabic script particularly on some tomb-stones. Sanskrit, naturally, continued to be the language of court and culture for a few years even after the advent of Islam (in Kashmir) till the Persian language ...

  5. 1. Keiko YAMADA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Ibaraki University) “Some Aspects on Telugu Language” 2. Toshie AWAYA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) “Comments on the Presentation of Prof. YAMADA” 3. All Members “The Interim Self-Assessment and the Arrangement for Further Work” (Project Members Only) Language ...

  6. Similarly when Islam came to India there might have been attempts by a few to make Islam, state religion but we find that the same period witnessed the growth of Sufism or Akbar's Tauhid-i-Ilahi (called Din-i-Ilahi) which focused on universalistn. The same period is important for the growth of Bhakti movement.

  7. Routledge Handbook of Religious Laws 9781138698437, 9781315518978 Much has been written on specific religious legal systems, yet substantial comparative studies that strive to compare sy

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