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    Wahhabism (Arabic: الوهابية ‎, romanized: Al-Wahhābiyyah, lit. 'Wahhabism') is a term used to refer to the Islamic revivalist and fundamentalist movement within Sunni Islam; which is associated with the Hanbali reformist doctrines of the Arabian scholar Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Wahhab (1703-1792).

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    A caliphate or khilāfah (Arabic: خِلَافَة ‎, Arabic pronunciation: ) is an institution or public office governing a territory under Islamic rule. The person who holds this office carries the title of caliph (/ ˈ k æ l ɪ f, ˈ k eɪ-/; Arabic: خَلِيفَة ‎ Arabic pronunciation: [xæ'liː'fæt], pronunciation (help · info)) and is considered a politico-religious successor ...

  3. T. he Diversity Style Guide is a resource to help journalists and other media professionals cover a complex, multicultural world with accuracy, authority and sensitivity.. . This guide, initially a project of the Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism at San Francisco State University, brings together definitions and information from more than two dozen style guides, journalism ...

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