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    What should I study to become a lawyer?

    What are some good questions to ask a law student?

    What advice would you give to someone going to Law School?

    What is the importance of legal knowledge in education?

  2. Aug 07, 2017 · Educational administrators must understand the law to ensure everyone is held accountable and to protect the school, staff and students. Teachers, both new and experienced, also need to understand state and federal laws to make sure they are in compliance.

  3. What will I study in law school? The traditional three year law school education begins with a first year curriculum that teaches the fundamental subjects of all law: contracts, torts, civil procedure, property, criminal law, and constitutional law. First year students also generally take a class on legal writing and research methodology.

    • An Undergraduate Degree
    • Admissions Tests
    • Personal Statement
    • Letters of Recommendation

    Since a J.D. is a postgraduate degree, earning a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution is typically required to apply and get into law school. Some law schools may offer accelerated programs that allow you to earn a bachelor’s degree and law degree on a shorter timeline, such as ONU Law’s 3+3 program, but the completion of a bachelor’s d...

    The vast majority of law schools require applicants to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). The LSAT is designed to test competency areas that are relevant to future legal work, including reading comprehension, analytical and reasoning skills, argumentation, and writing skills. The test has 175 questions, and your score is based on the numbe...

    Most law school applications will require a personal statement. The personal statement can be open-ended or you may have to respond to certain questions. If you are asked to write on specific topics, make sure that you do so while effectively telling your story. For example, ONU Law requires that your personal statement detail your interest in ONU ...

    While letters of recommendation carry less weight than your GPA and LSAT score, they are still an important part of your application. Law schools may require 2-3 letters of recommendation from your professors or someone who has otherwise worked with you in an academic or professional capacity. Therefore, it’s important to establish relationships wi...

  4. “Enjoy the journey. Law school is hard work. Surround yourself with people who are proactive and think positively. Work hard and have fun.” “Do what you have always done. Do not change your study habits to match those of other students.” “Don't fall for every piece of advice you hear. You know how to succeed, just stay committed.”

  5. Dec 02, 2019 · No prior knowledge of the law is required. Scaled scores range from 120 to 180, with an average of 150. The more selective the school you want to attend, the higher your score would likely need to be. Historically, your LSAT score, along with your GPA, would be far and away the most important factor that most law schools would consider.

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