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  1. Is a 1490 SAT score (700 in verbal, 790 in math) high enough ...

    Sep 30, 2018 · Please Read the Full Answer, as It’s a Little Pessimmisstic Till the End It depends on what you define elite as. Elite is such a stupid way to say good university (I would talk like that to be honest), and if I heard someone say that I would assum...

  2. MATH-1490: Business Probability and Statistics I

    MATH-1490: Business Probability and Statistics I 3 • Remain at home if you are ill or experiencing symptoms of illness. Do not attend any in-person class or gathering. • Notify your instructor(s) if you are ill, have tested positive for COVID-19, or were exposed to an individual who has tested positive for

  3. SAT Standard Deviation: What Does It Mean for You?

    To do better than 98% of students on the SAT with a mean of 1051 and a standard deviation of 211, you must get a 1490 or higher on the test. Discover How Your Score Stacks Up The standard deviation of SAT scores is also useful information because it gives you a good general idea about how well you performed, compared to other students .

  4. Is 1490 a good SAT score for MIT? | CollegeVine

    Oct 18, 2020 · If there are other Math examples than I wouldn't worry much about submitting the 1490. If your 750 is your only test score in MATH and you don't have a Subject Test, and ACT Math/Science score, or AP Score to support your math ability, I would not recommend submitting it then. Best of luck in your MIT application.

  5. if i have a 1490 right now can i boost it up to ... -

    if i have a 1490 right now can i boost it up to a consistent 1500 or higher before march 14? i had 5 wrong in reading, 3 wrong in writing, and none for math for this test.

  6. What does 149 mean? - definitions

    Definition of 149 in the dictionary. Meaning of 149. What does 149 mean? Information and translations of 149 in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

  7. Reporting SAT scores : ApplyingToCollege

    I retook it in Nov and got 1450-ERW: 710; Math 740. I already reported the 1490 score to UMich and UIUC. Should I report the second set of scores where I got a 20 point increase in ERW, but a decrease in Math? From what I understand UMich does not superscore but will consider the highest section from each test attempt.

  8. Should I major in math if I got a 790 on the math section of ...

    It’s an odd question to ask. Are you asking this because you might have a hidden talent in math you had no idea about? If so, no. Major in math if you really have an interest in it.

  9. New SAT Conversion Chart: Old 2400 to New 1600 (Official)

    If you need to convert your new SAT score to an old SAT score, or vice versa, simply use our handy conversion tool below to find your score. After you get your SAT conversion, keep reading—I tell you why it's easier to get a higher SAT score than before due to the new SAT scoring advantage (the new SAT score is higher in certain score regions!) .

  10. Does per (in math) mean division? | Yahoo Answers

    Here's the problem I have.. : You want to buy a pair of new shoes that costs $56. To earn enough money to buy the shoes, you decide to rake lawns in your neighborhood. You recieve $14 per yard. If per in this problem means DIVISION.. please tell me how to do it O.o if it means multiplication, It would make a lot more sense and it would go like this.. 14d=56 14 times what makes 56? 4!! so the 4 ...

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