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    The Spanish alphabet has 29 letters instead of 26. Two letter consonants (ch, rr, ll,) as well as ñ are considered separate letters. Although in Span 101 we practice the alphabet by spelling out words, letter by lletter native speakers rarely do this, when asked to spell a word, they pronounce it syllable by syllable.

    • ① Find and Learn An Alphabet Song Or Poem in Spanish
    • ② Study A Few Letters at A Time
    • ③ Write Out The Letters of The Alphabet by Hand
    • ④ Involve Your Whole Body
    • ⑤ Use Associations to Memorize Letters
    • ⑥ Now Have Fun Trying to Write Words!

    Can you still remember your childhood alphabet song in your own language? The best way to commit it to memory so you can recite it is still your mom or first teacher’s way - with music, a song and/or a poem! Find a recording and learn to sing the song, or recite the poem along as best as you can. Ask your SpanishPod101 teacher to help you understan...

    Remember when you were young and learning to write for the first time? You didn’t start with words or sentences; you started with letters, one at a time! Decide on tackling only a few letters each week, and then don’t move on from these till you are completely familiar with them. Don’t take on too many at once, or you may become discouraged. Also, ...

    Make it a goal to write out your week’s letters at least once a day, and commit to this goal. You can also do it every time you have a free moment. Get yourself a special notebook for this purpose that you can carry with you anywhere you go. Sitting on the train or bus? Waiting for someone somewhere? Whip out your notebook and write the Spanish alp...

    Research has shown that the more senses and actions we use to learn something, the quicker the new information sticks in the memory and becomes habitual. To apply this principle while learning the Spanish alphabet, write out huge letters by tracing them in the soil, or with chalk on the floor. Now, while saying the letter out loud, walk on the line...

    This technique would involve saying the Spanish letter out loud, and then thinking of a word in your own language that sounds the same as the letter. That would then create a phonic association that should make it easier for you to remember the letter. Better even if the association is something you can draw or picture. If the script of the new alp...

    Try to write words from your own language in Spanish, and ask your friendly SpanishPod101 teachers for feedback! Or post them on the forum and see if anyone can read them. You will be so pleased with yourself when you start writing words that are readable and recognizable by native speakers.

  2. Apr 9, 2021 · Spanish ABC Flashcards. This set of ABC prints can either be used for posters or flashcards. This set of animal Alphabet Flashcards is perfect for practicing the letters and practicing ABC order. If you would like a way for your students or kids to practice *with* audio support and in a digital, interactive format, you can also take a look at ...

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  3. number of people reading this guide (beginners who want to learn a language, specifically Spanish). I have many great resources and tips to give you from the over twelve years I’ve spent learning Spanish that include experience in multiple Spanish-speaking countries (Spain, Colombia, and Chile). This starts on page 18 and ends on page 26.

  4. for the chance to listen at your own pace to the Spanish alphabet, which looks like the English alphabet but sounds very different. For more information about the sounds of Spanish, go to Stage 1 ...

  5. Mar 13, 2021 · Cool? Cool. Part 1: Introduction to the Spanish Alphabet Part 2: Spanish Alphabet Chart Part 3: Similarities with the English Alphabet Part 4: How is it different from English? Conclusion — Back to You (+Free PDF Worksheet) Want to practice writing the Spanish Alphabet? Download your free Alphabet worksheet here.

  6. Want to learn about Spanish words that use the Spanish alphabet? Check out these articles! • Learn 1,000 words in 15 hours • Spanish Question Words • Popular Spanish Words with No English Equivalents • Spanish Words of Arabic Origin • Spanish Words of Portuguese Origin • Beautiful Spanish Words • Spanish Exclamatory Words and ...

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