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  1. Apr 2, 2019 · Denali, Alaska, with the lowest audit rate of all U.S. counties, is 84 percent white and has a median household income of more than $83,000, according to Census Data. Audit rates down for millionaires

  2. Dec 31, 2019 · Instead of counties, Louisiana has parishes—it’s the only state in the country with this unique feature. (Alaska, on the other hand, has boroughs instead of counties). The parishes are remnants of a bygone era, as Louisiana was Roman Catholic during both France and Spain’s ruling of the state. What states countries are called parishes?

  3. May 16, 2021 · Do cities have to follow state laws? Cities and counties have only those legislative powers that are expressly granted to them by their state’s constitution or laws. This provision applies to both general law and home rule cities and counties. Note that the constitution provision expressly gives the state law precedence over the local ordinance.

  4. 3. Economic Activity. What is the majority of the West's climate? semiarid or arid. Define arid. having little or no rain; too dry or barren to support vegetation: Describe natural vegetation of the arid parts of the West. short grasses, hardy scrubs, sage brush, cactus.

  5. Population 38,329. Defiance county is a good place to live. Defiance is a college town with lots to do. Many restaurants, bowling, sporting events, a putt putt place, and several festivals and fairs throughout the year.. View nearby homes. #25 Best Counties to Live in Ohio.

  6. Start studying geography chapter 7. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

  7. Sep 1, 2017 · Last, these states will raise their minimum wage rates during 2023: Connecticut — from $14 to $15 (June 1, 2023), Florida — from $11 to $12 (Sep 30, 2023), and. Nevada — from $10.5 to $11.25 for employees without health insurance and from $9.5 to $10.25 for employees with health insurance (Jul 1, 2023). 8.

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