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  1. Chic, versatile and flexible, our Circa settee is where you want to be. Clean, modern lines are emphasized by welted seams, which create a tailored, finished look. The design sits deep like a chaise and takes up a slightly smaller footprint than a daybed, making it the perfect accent piece for a living room, bedroom or office.

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    • 76"W x 29"D x 32"H
  2. Aug 10, 2018 · By Joel A. Harrison, Ph.D., M.P.H.August 10, 2018IntroductionOur current fragmented, dysfunctional, for-profit health care system is broken. Internationally we rank poorly in both process and outcomes; yet, we are by far the most expensive health care system in the world. Not only we do we not get a bang for our bucks; but for many of us from a moral perspective we are morally bankrupt ...

  3. Sep 23, 2021 · Since 2001, our exclusive and unique Doctors Pay Calculator provides a competitive edge for successful recruitment and retention of providers. You can order legally prepared up to date Health Insurance Act friendly Service Agreement templates. Keep Track of your service agreements and service fee viability and practice value.

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    Dec 29, 2021 · If we say "c." for circa, a certain date, then it was made within 25 years of that date. Measurements are given within 1" of actual size. Measurements are given height before width. WAF means With All Faults; Alderfer Auction is not responsible for color variations in print and electronic media.

  5. THE FRIGHTENED CITY is one of the films that Sean Connery made in the year before he found fame and success as James Bond in 1962's DR. NO. This one's a crime epic with a much more complex plot than is usual for the British B-picture genre: it involves rival gangsters setting up extensive criminal operations and subsequently falling out and gunning for each other over turf and business.

  6. Jun 23, 2020 · For a hip replacement, for example, an average hip replacement in a long stay hospital costs circa $40,000, in a day hospital about $31,000 for exactly the same procedure with the same prosthesis. The hospital makes more out of that $31,000 than it does out of the $40,000 in the long-stay hospital.

    • So, What Does “Breakthrough at A System Level” Actually Mean?
    • So, with This Big Vision How Has The Funding to Date Been Achieved?
    • Beta Test?
    • and What About The Car Itself …The Rasa?
    • So, What Will This Eventually Mean For The Customer / user?
    • But That’S Not The Cost The Customer Usually Sees When Buying A Car?
    • So, Are You Partnering with A Shell Or A BOC to Deliver on The Hydrogen Promise?

    For the car, it means a different pattern of relationships between components in the car. For the business, it starts top down with aligning the interests of all the actors in the system. That includes Industry, Commence, Society and The Planet. Riversimple is set up with an environmental purpose, it’s hardwired into our constitution. It’s in our Articles of Association that the Purpose of the company is “To pursue systematically the elimination of the environmental impact of personal transport”, doing so in a way that increases profit rather than increases costs. I believe, if you design a business to deliver environmental and social return as well as financial, it can improve the profitability and resilience of the company rather than compete with profit. If you design companies, as all companies hitherto have been, to maximise shareholder value, you’re designing it to deliver financial return. Maximum financial return. When you then ask that business to deliver some environmental...

    In 2005 we had a grant of almost £1m from the Technology Programme to create the Morgan LIFECar. From 2013 to 2018, we had funding from the EU in a 17 partner pan European project which allowed us to develop the technology and the platform for our first car designed for type approval. Critically, we then received a £2m grant in 2015 from the Welsh government that allowed us to really crystalise the prototype. Finally, earlier this year we won our first grant in over 10 years from Westminster, from OLEV under the HTP (Hydrogen Transport Programme). It’s a £1.25m grant, going towards building a fleet of 20 cars for customer trials. We’ve a soft start next month with one car, then three cars, but it won’t really be publicly open until March next year when we’ll have five cars initially. That is truly a beta test.

    Yes, the auto industry won’t let anyone near a car until it’s very close to production, by which time everything’s cast in stone. Whereas we expect to co-develop our production car with our customers, another two and a half years to get to a vehicle ready for volume production. It’ll look pretty much the same but virtually everything will change in detail AND it will be much cheaper to build and more robust than the cars we’re doing at the moment.

    We want people to take our car because they want it, because it’s really efficient, because it’s cool (designed by Chris Reitz – one of the designers who worked on the Fiat 500 ), because it’s techy, fun to drive and ultimately because it’s a more convenient way of acquiring usership of a car. It accelerates from 0>60 in nine and a half seconds, which isn’t neck snapping, but the closest car to this that I’ve driven is a Lotus Elan. We run out of puff at 60 mph… but on the other hand the Lotus didn’t do the equivalent of 250 mpg! From a component perspective, we’re using existing, available, off-the-shelf technology. We’re the systems integrator really. We’re picking and mixing technologies from around the world and building an entirely different car with an entirely different architecture and pattern of relationships to a conventional car. Our fuel cell is only eight and a half kilowatts, originally made for forklifts for Walmart warehouses. It’s an available production item. I mea...

    Firstly, we aren’t proposing selling cars, we are offering a fully bundled service, which isn’t a lease. It’s a performance contract and the direct debit will have a fixed element and a mileage element. It can still be the customer’s car, sit on their drive or in their garage but they will have only one transaction which covers all the costs… that means fuel, insurance, road tax, tyres, service, you name it! We are aiming at matching the total cost of ownership of a bottom of the range diesel Golf, which currently runs at between £490 > £550 per month for three years at 10,000 miles a year.

    No, a PCP for a Golf lease usually runs at £192 per month, and that’s the headline number people remember. Ask an accountant and they’ll tell you the true cost of ownership. However, you’re right, and one of the things we are trying to refine is how we communicate the billing, so that customers can see that the cost of ownership is no higher.

    We’re not in volume production yet but we are in communication with both, and will be working with them over the next couple of years planning where it is we should have our launch market. What’s certain is it won’t be launched on a pan-UK basis: we will launch in specific target markets. We have however put a filling station in Abergavenny for our beta test, which is principally to test and refine the customer proposition but it’s also to demonstrate the economics of the local refuelling strategy. Shell have been very supportive of our program to a point of coming to interviews for government grants with us. They’ve also put in three filling stations over the last couple of years despite the fact there are only 150 cars.

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