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  1. What Does “Cold-Blooded” Mean? When referring to humans, the phrase “cold-blooded” is typically used to describe a person with a cruel or callous personality. But when referring to animals in general, “cold-blooded” refers to the animal’s method of regulating their body temperature. “Cold-bloodeddoes NOT mean that th

  2. Cold-blooded definition, designating or pertaining to animals, as fishes and reptiles, whose blood temperature ranges from the freezing point upward, in accordance with the temperature of the surrounding medium; poikilothermic.

  3. Answer (1 of 3): This is actually a very complex subject. A simple distinction between warm and cold blooded is no longer scientifically recognized. At its most basic, the difference between endothermic animals (warm blooded) and exothermic (cold blooded) ones is how much the metabolism is driven...

  4. Some of the examples of cold blooded animals include fish, reptiles and insects. Warm blooded animals are the animals that have a constant body temperature and can easily adapt to extreme temperatures as they can regulate their body temperature. Examples of warm blooded animals include birds and mammals including human beings.

  5. Apr 04, 2020 · A cold-blooded animal has a body temperature that varies along with the outdoor temperature, and a cold-blooded person is someone who seems to feel no emotions.Cold-blooded people, on the other hand, regulate their body temperature even when it's chilly outside, like other warm-blooded animals.

  6. Some animals are warm-blooded, while others are cold-blooded. What sets them apart, and what advantages does each kind have over the other?Read More:Animal B...

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  7. cold-blooded definition: 1. Cold-blooded animals can only control their body heat by taking in heat from the outside or by…. Learn more.

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