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  1. Jan 30, 2018 · Mr Russell my name is Randy I lost my son Nov 1st 2019. He was my best friend my everything. My wife and I are struggling with this. I feel your pain and if your like us we would give our life to bring him back. I feel angry,sad and lost at the same time. We have other kids but he was the baby, yes 18 is a man but our baby.

  2. This is the same percentage humans have in each leg to put it in perspective. This is because their jaws are designed for digging. 4. The Naked-Mole Rat feels no pain. The skin of the mole-rat has no neurotransmitters which mean that they feel no pain when exposed to such things as acid and capsaicin.

  3. In a post-apocalyptic scenario, with Earth almost destroyed and unlivable, humans would live inside an area protected by a barrier named AT field. The Angels, the main enemies of the original series, would have attacked the area, concentrating their forces on the only bridge connecting it to the rest of the world, devouring human beings.

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