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  1. The same thing will happen with Lanky, but instead of being cartoony and simplified it will be because Salvador Dali punches him so hard that the poor ape's constituent parts will be very neatly separated, like in gif related.

  2. It was funny, sweet, and very sexy with just the right amount of drama. I love a good opposites attract story, and Ash and Zelda are like chalk and cheese, with Ash being the grumpy and very growly micromanaging accountant, and Zelda the more free spirited, go with the flow archaeologist who is going to change Ash's perfectly ordered life.

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  3. Not as funny, but still funny enough to make its way onto this page. * Part 19 is titled [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin "Ding Dong the Kirby is dead."]] [[spoiler:This is the episode where they get more [[EpicFail game overs.]] [[UpToEleven Not just one, but two in the same part.]]]]

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  5. May 25, 2012 · Woods was texting his girlfriends 15 hours before the car crash wishing Ms Crubbs a “Happy Thanksgiving to you”. She replied “You too babe”! His millions of fans are rightly turning against him because he has shot down their dream and hero. He has proved to be a sham.

  6. Trend trading strategy template. If the market (on the Daily timeframe) is a healthy trend, then wait for it to pullback towards 50MA. If the market pullback towards 50MA, then wait for a candle to close in your favor.

  7. Local News. easy talent show ideas for adults. Local News. title max california. Travel. girl ghosted and came back

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