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  1. bay leonardo x reader. summary: you are a dental assistant at a clinic a few blocks from your shared apartment with April O’Neil, the reporter at Channel Six News. you're tired from a whole day at work but you come home to a passed-out and bleeding 6-foot turtle on the couch and three panicking brothers.

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    ceo!yoongi - the first date. → pairing: min yoongi x reader. → genre: ceo!au, the fluffiest fluff, humour, first date jitters, taco trucks. → wordcount: 4.4k. → notes: loNG LIVE the ceo!yoongi universe because here is the first date drabble!! i’d say it takes place like a week after the night of the gala and if you have no idea what i ...

  3. Jan 29, 2021 · Mob Boss (Part 2) Requested - Continuing the request from Part 1. Jay Halstead x Reader. Warnings: None. Summary: After getting over her family’s deaths, Y/N realises she has to start making some very important decisions. (GIF’s not mine) Originally posted by 5021upstead. “You sure you want to do this?”.

  4. Gif Credit x. Hey, Clarence. Today has sucked. Not so much in an earth-shattering, life-altering way. There was no singular catastrophic event that brought me to this conclusion; more a trail of small, shitty things that, on their own wouldn’t be so bad, but together - well, like I said. Today has sucked. My cat ran away first thing this morning.

  5. Forgive me for leaving without telling you guys sooner and thank you all for being so patient with me. Just got back from vacation and totally had a bombastic time. I’ll get to work on a few asks right now. Also, feel free to leave a request, since the ask box is pretty much empty. In the mean time please enjoy this gif I found. - Mod Memetastic

  6. pinkmanthedog:. pinkmanthedog:. pinkmanthedog:. I just slipped hard in the horse pasture. Lying on the ground in the snow, wind knocked out of me, I see Pinkman take off towards the house like sewer rat Lassie.

  7. like. she CANONICALLY offers to teach people how to dance. the two dots. i've connected them dragon age dragon age inquisition scout harding lace harding this is my first dai post thats actually funnier with a human inquisitor in mind inclusivity wins ''but op trevelyan is from a noble family they KNOW how to waltz'' EXACTLY baby trevelyan is just trying to be HELD my posts (last time i ...

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