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  1. What does "la vie" mean in French? - WordHippo

    What does la vie mean in French? English Translation. life. Find more words! ... la vie après la mort.

  2. Sep 28, 2020 · As you may be able to tell, c’est la vie literally translates to “That’s life.” In other words, “This is how it is” – often with the implication that there’s nothing you can do about it. That may sound negative, and in many contexts, it is.

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  4. What does "dans la vie" mean in French? - WordHippo

    English words for dans la vie include in the lifetime and in a lifetime. Find more French words at!

  5. What is 'Vive la vie' in English? - Answers'Vive_la_vie'_in_English

    vive la vie = hooray for life! "vive" is a form a the verb 'vivre' (to live) used to express enthousiasm: vive le roi ! = 'long live the King! vive les vacances ! = hooray for the holidays!

  6. What does the phrase "C'est la Vie" mean?

    Jul 31, 2007 · I can't think of a single American adult I've ever known who didn't know "C'est la vie" means "That's life," usually expressed when a minor misfortune occurs. Some might not know it's French. It's more or less pronounced "Say luh vee."

  7. What does "à la vie" mean in French? - WordHippo

    What does à la vie mean in French? English Translation. to the life ... à la vie éphémère. à la vitesse supérieure.

  8. What does “C'est la vie” mean? - Quora“Cest-la-vie”-mean

    So la vie translates simply as life. The English translation tries to capture the intent of the French phrase, which is an acceptance of, or resignation to, an unexpected, unfavorable change of a minor type: Oh well, that’s life! 3.9K views

  9. La Vie en Rose Lyrics & English Translation - Edith Piaf ...

    Oct 27, 2014 · La Vie en Rose is about finding new love after a trying time, and many people saw it as an anthem of hope as it was released shortly after the end of World War 2. French lyrics and English translation below. Vocabulary and an explanation of the translation and phrases will follow the video and lyrics translation. Enjoy!

    Des yeux qui font baisser les miens
    A gaze that make me lower my own
    Un rire qui se perd sur sa bouche
    A laugh that is lost on his lips -
    Voila le portrait sans retouches
    That is the un-retouched portrait
    De l'homme auquel j'appartiens
    Of the man to whom I belong
  10. What does "vivre la vie" mean in French? - WordHippo

    The English for vivre la vie is living life. Find more French words at!

  11. What is the meaning of "La vie en rose", a ... - Yahoo Answers

    Jan 12, 2007 · Direct translation of 'La vie en rose' is that 'the live is rose'. In fact, it is a French expression when someone is having the best moment or the triumph of his/her life, we can use that phrase....