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  1. Termite - Texas A&M University

    Pest Status: Drywood termites: Termites occur in Texas coastal counties, with western spot infestations in Uvalde and San Antonio and north to Collin County, causing a great deal of concern to homeowners when discovered. Biology differs from the more common subterranean termite because it does not nest in the ground and thus requires a ...

  2. Termite Identification And Control Guide

    A professional solution is required if you want to get rid of the foraging termites and the entire colony. Our North Texas termite control pros have the knowledge and tools to get rid of termites and to make sure they don’t re-establish elsewhere on your property. Learn more about our termite control services and the Sentricon® System. We ...

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  4. Destructive Termites in Texas - • Termites

    CONTENTS: learn about these destructive species of termites - tips on identification of the timber damage caused - find out when these termites swarm in your local area and how to identify the swarmers, workers and soldiers - learn of their fascinating biology, life-cycle and behavioural aspects - and receive professional tips on how best protect your home from the world's best timber recycler ...

  5. Where To Look For Termite Activity Around Your Texas Property

    Jun 26, 2019 · Where To Look For Termite Activity Around Your Texas Property. At Innovative Pest Control, we can’t stress enough how important early identification of a termite problem is. It’s essential in order to stop the infestation before severe damage has occurred. Termites are capable of wreaking havoc on a home.

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  6. The Most Common Types of Termites in Texas | Free Termite ...

    The Subterranean termite, scientifically known as the Reticulitermes spp., Coptotermes spp., or Heterotermes spp., is among one of the most common species of Texas termites. A huge pest problem, the subterranean termites has one the largest insect nests in America, growing as many as 2 million individuals when they swarm in the spring.

  7. If there are termites, it’s an indication that you also have moisture issue. Termites survive by eating wood but they also feast on anything with cellulose such as paper, leather, foam, insulation and even window frames. Termites in Texas can do some damage to your 2 by 4s and wood siding by eating both the inside and outside of them.

  8. Termites - Texas A&M Department of Entomology

    Termites Scientific name: (Order: Isoptera) Facts: Worker subterranean termites, Reticulitermes spp., are pale-colored and soft bodied. Like all termites they have a thick “waist” and bead-like antennae. These characters can separate them from ants which have thin “waists” and elbowed antennae. The reproductive forms of termites have wings with the front and hind wings nearly identical ...

  9. Profile - Termites

    Termites are not a threat to people or pets, but termites in Texas are certainly a problem for structures. Termites do not stop feeding and attempting to grow their colonies. Unfortunately, termites eat wood from the inside out, so termite damage is not often discovered until it becomes a serious problem.

  10. Everything You Need to Know About Termites in Houston ...

    A: Subterranean termites are most easily noticed by their large flying swarms, as well as the presence of mud tubes (lines of mud that look almost like veins on wood and other surfaces). Drywood termites are larger, but their colonies are much smaller and harder to notice.

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