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  1. The Public Safety Training Facility is a complex where MCC trains area police, fire, emergency medical and other first responder personnel.

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  2. The worthiness of the medical symbol has been debated for a long time. If you observe closely there are two symbols that are used to represent medicine as seen in Figure 1 .[ 2 ] One is the Caduceus, and the other is the Rod of Asclepius.

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  4. 4 Lower outer quadrant .....LOQ Lost to follow up..... LTFU Left upper outer quadrant.....

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  5. Medical Abbreviations SYMBOL MEANING " seconds ' minutes Ø decreased ↑ increased = equal > greater than < less than D change ° hours x dash above any symbol indicates a mean value † x ˙ dot above any symbol indicates a timed event a before abd abdomen ABG arterial blood gas ac before meals ad lib as needed AFB acid-fast bacillus AM ...

  6. Assessment EMS Abbreviations. From the minute that an EMS worker looks at you, they might start listing off abbreviations to their partner or on the walkie-talkie. Not only is the emergency medical technician (EMT) assessing the condition of the person in distress, but they’re also trying to quickly make a diagnosis to stabilize a person.

  7. Medical care is then provided during the transportation by EMS. 6. Transfer to Definitive Care Appropriate specialised care is provided at the hospital. The Star of Life represents emergency medical services. Why the Medical Alert Symbol is Important The medical alert symbol is one of the most widely common symbols in the world.

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