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  1. Harvestmen differ from most mites by their larger size and by having the posterior body section distinctly segmented. Appearance The most notable features of P. opilio and many other harvestmen are the long, slender legs and short, globular body. Adult body length is approximately 3.5–9 mm, with males generally smaller than females.

  2. Oct 08, 2019 · One of the primary reasons we plant trees is for their relaxing beauty. They also provide shade in hot summer weather and a connection to nature. The color green reduces stress, and flowering or fruit trees also provide additional eye-candy. But improving the visuals of your yard or neighborhood is only one of many tree planting pros.

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  4. Jun 21, 2021 · Plants and Trees belong to the same kingdom ‘Plantae’. They are eukaryotes and multicellular. Plants and Trees are immobile. They contain chlorophylls and chloroplast. They perform photosynthesis to produce energy, so-called as photoautotrophs. The body of plants and trees have a vascular system.

  5. Pros And Cons Of Latin Names For Plants. Hopefully we’ve taken the mystery out of those odd italicized plant appellations. All these rules may seem to be overthinking the process, so let’s look at some pros and cons to using scientific names: Pros. Classification – The two-term binomen shows the relationship between plants. This helps ...

  6. Oct 07, 2015 · Fasciation is described as abnormal fusion and flattening of plant organs, usually stems, resulting in ribbon-like, coiled and contorted tissue. The growing tip or apical meristem of the plant, which normally produces cylindrical tissue, instead becomes elongated perpendicularly to the direction of the growth or it splays out to the sides.

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