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  1. Phalangium opilio is common around buildings and introduced throughout the world. The sclerosomatid Leiobunum spp. are common in North American and European forests, in which they move easily across the upper vegetation. They are predators and scavengers.

    Main Form Of Intra-sexual Dimorphism
    Type Of Evidence
    Neopantopsalis pentheter, N. psile, and N.
    Length of chelicerae and spines on femur ...
    Taylor and Hunt (2009)
    Pantopsalis albipalpis, P. cheliferoides, ...
    Shape and length of chelicerae
    Taylor (2004, 2013a)
    Megalopsalis minima
    Length of chelicerae and presence of a ...
    Kauri (1954) and Taylor (2013b)
    Megalopsalis caeruleomontium and M.
    Length and armature of chelicerae
    Taylor (2013b)
  2. Phalangium opilio. (Arachnida: Opiliones, Phalangiidae) Harvestman, Daddy longlegs, Harvest spider. by Mark Schmaedick, Land Grant Program, American Samoa Community College, Pago Pago, AS. Of the many species of harvestmen known, P. opilio tends to be the most common in relatively disturbed habitats such as most crops in temperate regions.

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    Phalangium. Linnaeus, 1758. Type species. Phalangium iberica. Schenkel, 1939. Synonyms. Cerastoma. Phalangium is a genus of harvestmen, that occurs mostly in the Old World. The best known species is Phalangium opilio, which is so common in many temperate regions that it is simply called "harvestman".

  5. phalanges [fah-lan´jēz] (sing. sing., pha´lanx) [(Gr.) the bones of the fingers and toes; see anatomic Table of Bones in the Appendices. adj., adj phalan´geal. Miller ...

  6. Apr 28, 2017 · Phalanx Definition. Phalanx (plural: phalanges) refers to the bones found in fingers, toes, paws, wings, hooves and fins of animals. These are long bones whose length exceeds their breadth. Phalanges are connected to each other at hinge-like inter phalangeal joints that can be used for either flexion or extension.

  7. The phalanges are the bones of the fingers and toes. Phalanges is the plural form of phalanx. You have 14 phalanges in each hand and in each foot. This means there are a total of 56 phalanges in ...

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