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  1. Definition of phalangium. 1 plural phalangia\ - jēə \, obsolete : a venomous spider. 2 capitalized : a genus (the type of the family the Phalangiidae) of harvestmen.

  2. Noun. 1. Phalangium - type genus of the family Phalangiidae. genus Phalangium. arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods. family Phalangiidae, Phalangiidae - a family of Phalangida. harvestman, Phalangium opilio, daddy longlegs - spiderlike arachnid with a small rounded body and very long thin legs.

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  4. Phalangium opilio(Arachnida: Opiliones, Phalangiidae)Harvestman, Daddy longlegs, Harvest spider. Of the many species of harvestmen known, P. opilio tends to be the most common in relatively disturbed habitats such as most crops in temperate regions. Like the spiders and most adult mites, harvestmen have two major body sections and eight legs and lack antennae.

  5. Apr 28, 2017 · Phalanx (plural: phalanges) refers to the bones found in fingers, toes, paws, wings, hooves and fins of animals. These are long bones whose length exceeds their breadth. Phalanges are connected to each other at hinge-like inter phalangeal joints that can be used for either flexion or extension. Some phalanges are fused to each other.

  6. 1 : the evolutionary history of a kind of organism. 2 : the evolution of a genetically related group of organisms as distinguished from the development of the individual organism. — called also phylogenesis. — compare ontogeny.

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