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  1. Nov 09, 2020 · Through the example of the candy cane, we can see something that may or may not have Christian origins but can have a spiritual meaning. It can remind us of the truth of Scripture and the true reason for the season. Hope Bolinger SEO Editor. 2020 9 Nov. Candy canes have become a staple in households, both Christian and non-Christian, for Christmas.

  2. The candy cane is a beautiful Christmas object lesson with which to share the true meaning of Christmas. Hold up a candy cane or give every child one to hold. Have them describe it to you. As they share their observations, tell them how each tells about Jesus Christ. "the white" - Jesus was pure and holy; He was without sin.

  3. It's a lovely story that can be used to help remind us of our Lord and Savior during the Christmas season. The Legend of the Candy Cane. Many years ago, a candymaker wanted to make a candy at Christmas time that would serve as a witness to his Christian faith. He wanted to incorporate several symbols for the birth, ministry and death of Jesus.

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  5. Dec 10, 2019 · Finally, the shape of the candy cane, a shepherd’s crook, does tell us the story of the shepherds, the first to hear the good news (Luke 2:8-20). But even more importantly, the candy cane reminds us what kind of savior God sent to save the world. He did not come as the king or the warrior, with power and majesty like everyone expected.

  6. Apr 15, 2021 · What does an upside down candy cane mean? The Letter J for Jesus: Not only was the candy cane in the shape of a staff, but when held upside down, it formed a “J,” which stood for Jesus. Love of Christ: The candy cane was also made to be given as a gift, representing the love of Jesus when he gave us the gift of salvation.

  7. There is a legend about how the candy cane was made. The story says that a candy maker wanted to make a very special piece of candy to remind the children about Jesus. The red color reminds us of Jesus's blood that was shed when we died on the cross. But it is twisted with white. The white color reminds us that Christ's blood will forgive us of all sins and make us clean just like this white ...

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