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  1. If Allah is so great, why do Muslims even need to turn ... › If-Allah-is-so-great-why-do

    G-d Hath many different ways to shew His Power. No one can advise God , what to do and what not to do. G-d Willed What God liked. G-d never Willed to intervene in Wars.

  2. The Layha for the Mujahideen: an analysis of the code of ... › core › journals

    May 05, 2011 · The following article focuses on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Rules for the Mujahideen ** to determine their conformity with the Islamic jus in bello. This code of conduct, or Layha, for Taliban fighters highlights limiting suicide attacks, avoiding civilian casualties, and winning the battle for the hearts and minds of the local civilian population.

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  3. ISIS and the Pyramids of Egypt – Does the Bible tell us their ... › 2015/07/09 › isis-and-the

    Jul 10, 2015 · Allah needs protectors, his mujahideen, with sledge hammers and power tools to insure that worship will not be taken from Allah. The Qur’an commands Allah’s protection. Let me show you: The masajid (places of worship) are for the name of God alone; do not call on anyone else beside God.

  4. What is the main difference between Eastern Orthodox and ... › what-is-the-main-difference

    Jun 10, 2021 · Is Nicole a Bible name? Baby Girl Name: Nicole. Meaning: People’s Victory. Origin: French, Greek. Baby girl names biblical, Baby girl names elegant, Baby girl names. What does Nicole mean in Italian? Meaning of Nicole Feminine French version of Nicola (Drift from the Greek and its meaning is “winner of the people”). Gender. Diffusion.

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  5. Will the Islamic State Succeed based upon Bible Prophecy ... › 2014/09/29 › is-the

    Sep 29, 2014 · In this one Quranic revelation, Islam blasphemes the Father and the Son. 1 John 2:22-23; 1 John 4:3. The Scripture says that whomever does not believe what God says about His Son makes God a liar. To make God a liar is to commit a blasphemy against God! 1 John 5:10. Islam does this. That is a fact.

  6. The Number 666 according to Muslims | Heaven Awaits › the-number-666

    May 15, 2008 · Bible is the new testament not the old one meaning that its modified And its never written in quraan to hate the non muslims The only devil which exists is the anti christ as mentionned in the bible and its arabic name is the dajjal. Titeuf said this on September 30, 2017 at 4:27 pm | Reply. The Bible contains the words of Jesus begging to end.

  7. Difference Between Islam and Christianity | Difference Between › miscellaneous › difference

    Aug 23, 2011 · 1.Both religions were founded by the works of one man, with Islam beginning 600 years after Christianity. 2.Islam believes Mohammad was a prophet while Christianity believes Jesus was the son of God. 3.Islam asks its followers to adhere to the Five Pillars while Christians do most of their formal worship on Sundays.

  8. II 62 MABUS BY NAME | Nostradamundus › ii-62-mabus-by-name

    Feb 20, 2015 · II 62 MABUS BY NAME (Details of Update January 2020: Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis = Mabus? are located at the bottom of this webpage.) 1555 Lyon Bonhomme Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra De gens & bestes vne horrible defaite: Puis tost à coup la vengence on verra Cet, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comete.

  9. What are the Limits to Religious Tolerance? – The Painful ... › 2010/09/21 › what-are-the

    Sep 21, 2010 · Most, but not all of those that have a state religion are Islamic. Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Greece each have as their official religion some form of Christianity, as does Argentina, which happens to be Roman Catholic. Islam has of late, for a variety of reasons, been the focus of greater scrutiny by both Americans and Europeans.

  10. Religious war - Wikipedia › wiki › Religious_war

    A religious war or holy war (Latin: bellum sacrum) is a war primarily caused or justified by differences in religion. In the modern period , debates are common over the extent to which religious, economic , or ethnic aspects of a conflict predominate in a given war.

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