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    The Chamber Music National Festival is a non-competitive experience produced and surrounded by an atmosphere of national celebration, mutual support, and a shared commitment to excellence. There are no ratings or rankings. Participants and their directors and coaches are encouraged to reach and stretch, strive for innovation and growth, and share and develop an expanded awareness of the possibilities of chamber experiences in successful, well-rounded scholastic music programs. Participating students will experience an atmosphere of personal growth and mutual respect, all while working, performing and celebrating in an environment that is world-class, educational, and fun.

    From the Opening Ceremony to the culminating Gala Awards Banquet – convening more than 3,000 students, teachers, and parents from across the nation – you and your students will be engaged in a whirlwind of preparation, performance, growth, and celebration that includes: 1. A 20-minute performance followed by 25-minute ensemble post-performance clinic. 2. Recorded and written evaluation commentary from a panel of professionals. 3. Concerts and immersive learning opportunities with world-class professional artists. 4. Scheduled observation of concerts which ensure a knowledgeable audience. 5. Ensemble and individual instrument master classes and additional coaching opportunities. 6. Student leadership workshops. 7. Collegiate and professional audition preparation workshop. 8. Nightly concerts featuring professional chamber groups, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Honor Orchestra of America, Jazz Band of America, and Honor Band of America. 9. Social events for students and teachers...

    Participation will be by application and recorded audition. Wind and/or string chamber ensembles ranging from trios to a maximum of 16 members are invited to apply. Each applicant will receive written and recorded comments from the audition. Up to 15 ensembles will be accepted. Multiple ensembles from a single school may audition, with a maximum of four ensembles from a single school accepted. The Application Fee is $200 for the first ensemble from a single school or individual, and $150 for each additional ensemble, capped at $1,250 for up to eight applications from a single school. Invited chamber ensembles are obligated to stay at the Festival hotel and participate in the Festival Packages. The cost of attendance will vary depending on the per-person Festival Package selected (see Festival Package sheet for participation package costs and inclusions). Because of the major commitment to programming and providing resources to support a complete chamber music experience, chamber ens...

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    Each June, the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival brings a contingent of the world’s finest chamber musicians to metro Detroit for two weeks of performances in spectacular downtown and suburban venues.

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    Chamber Music Bay View Chamber Music Concerts As one of the oldest continuously operating chamber music festivals in the country, Bay View’s faculty artists present weekly concerts during the summer in Hall Auditorium. These feature repertoire from pillars such as Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart to more modern composers such as Eric Ewazen.

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    The following is an incomplete list of chamber music festivals, which encapsulates music festivals focused on chamber music.Chamber music is a form of classical music that is composed for a small group of instruments—traditionally a group that could fit in a palace chamber or any small chamber.

  6. Best Chamber Music Festivals – Kent Chamber Music › best-chamber-music-festivals

    Oct 29, 2017 · The Norfolk Chamber Music Festival This festival is held at the bottom of the Berkshire Mountains in northwest Connecticut. It is one of the longest lasting chamber festivals in the U.S. It began in the 1890’s at the home of Ellen Battle and her husband Carl Stoeckel, it then expanded into the large and popular festival that it is today.

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    From its earliest beginnings in the Medieval period to the present, chamber music has been a reflection of the changes in the technology and the society that produced it.

    Chamber music performance is a specialized field, and requires a number of skills not normally required for the performance of symphonic or solo music. Many performers and authors have written about the specialized techniques required for a successful chamber musician. Chamber music playing, writes M. D. Herter Norton, requires that "individuals ... make a unified whole yet remain individuals. The soloist is a whole unto himself, and in the orchestra individuality is lost in numbers ...".

    Players of chamber music, both amateur and professional, attest to a unique enchantment with playing in ensemble. "It is not an exaggeration to say that there opened out before me an enchanted world", writes Walter Willson Cobbett, devoted amateur musician and editor of Cobbett's Cyclopedic Survey of Chamber Music. Ensembles develop a close intimacy of shared musical experience. "It is on the concert stage where the moments of true intimacy occur", writes Steinhardt. "When a performance is in progress, all four of us together enter a zone of magic somewhere between our music stands and become a conduit, messenger, and missionary ... It is an experience too personal to talk about and yet it colors every aspect of our relationship, every good-natured musical confrontation, all the professional gossip, the latest viola joke." The playing of chamber music has been the inspiration for numerous books, both fiction and nonfiction. An Equal Music by Vikram Seth, explores the life and love o...

    Numerous societies are dedicated to the encouragement and performance of chamber music. Some of these are: 1. the Associated Chamber Music Players, or ACMP– The Chamber Music Network, an international organization that encourages amateur and professional chamber music playing. ACMP has a fund to support chamber music projects, and publishes a directory of chamber musicians worldwide. 2. Chamber Music Americasupports professional chamber music groups through grants for residencies and commissions, through award programs, and through professional development programs. 3. the Cobbett Associationfor Chamber Music Research is an organization dedicated to the rediscovery of works of forgotten chamber music. 4. Music for the Love of Itpublishes a newsletter on amateur chamber music activities worldwide, as well as a guide to music workshops for amateurs. 5. the Ottawa Chamber Music Society, a non-profit organization that encourages public involvement and appreciation of chamber music. The...

    This is a partial list of the types of ensembles found in chamber music. The standard repertoire for chamber ensembles is rich, and the totality of chamber music in print in sheet musicform is nearly boundless. See the articles on each instrument combination for examples of repertoire.

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  8. Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival PO Box 646 Eastsound, WA 98245. Telephone: (360) 376-6636 (866) 492-0003 [toll-free] Join Our Email List . Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, Tax ID 91-1886480

  9. Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival Returns in 2021 - The ... › bridgehampton-chamber-music

    Jun 15, 2021 · Bridgehampton Chamber Music’s 38th annual season is not a complete return to its pre-pandemic configuration: the festival is comprised of eight hour-long programs performed without intermission, five of which have repeat performances. Seating and capacity will be set, and updated if need be, to comply with state and local guidelines.

  10. Chamber Music on the Mountain

    Chamber Music on the Mountain. A new classical music series in NWA. Mount Sequoyah Center. CMM Summer Festival July 19th-31st, 2021. Tickets and Registration information now available. Please check the Ticket page. Mount Sequoyah Center was established in 1922 as a summer retreat center for the Methodist church.

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