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  1. 1946-1947 - Historycentral › dates › 1946

    An accord was finally reached to establish two states: Hindu India and Moslem Pakistan. On August 15th, the two new states achieved independence. Millions of refugees were created in both countries. 1947 Yaeger Breaks Sound Barrier -(10/14/47) American test pilot Captain Charles Yaeger broke the sound barrier on October 14. He flew a Bell X-1 ...

  2. 1947. What was later characterized as "the UFO wave of 1947" began with 16 alleged sightings that occurred between May 17 and July 12, 1947, (although some researchers claim there were as many as 800 sightings during that period). Interestingly, the "Roswell Incident" was not considered one of these 1947 events

  3. Mar 13, 2015 · Whatever happened in 1947 was sad but I am glad that we separated..indian ... faith of myth that prosperities state a unique one if newly born. ... opposition both claim victory over SC opinion on ...

  4. World War II Timeline: April 28, 1946-February 17, 1947 ... › world-war-ii › postwar

    February 17, 1947: The United States launches The Voice of America, a pro-West radio station, to broadcast to the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. World War II Headlines The news stories and images below reflect how World War II affected worldwide politics and culture in 1946 and 1947.

  5. Three Governors Controversy | New Georgia Encyclopedia › articles › government

    Oct 25, 2018 · In March 1947 the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that Melvin E. Thompson was the rightful governor because he was lieutenant governor–elect when Eugene Talmadge died. In a five-to-two decision the justices ruled that Thompson would be the acting governor until a special election could be held to decide the remainder of the original term, which ...

  6. Maury Island Incident - 1947 - MUFON › maury-island-incident---1947

    The 1947 Maury Island incident is one of the lesser-known Washington State UFO occurrences, but it should be better known for several reasons. It is probably the first incident where a witness claimed that a “man in black” intimidated him into silence, and it took place before the famed Roswell Crash, yet there were many similarities ...

  7. The Kashmir conflict: How did it start? - Culture › culture › article

    Mar 02, 2019 · The mountainous, 86,000-square-mile territory was once a princely state. Now, it is claimed by both India and Pakistan. The roots of the conflict lie in the countries’ shared colonial past.

  8. Roswell UFO Retrieval - 1947 - MUFON › roswell-ufo-retrieval---1947

    The shifting claims of Jesse Marcel, whose suspicion that what he recovered in 1947 was "not of this world" sparked interest in the incident in the first place, cast serious doubt on the reliability of what he claimed to be true.

  9. Angela Carella: A clue in claim of 'lost' Lucy granddaughter › news › article

    In the document, the notary public, John Paap, states that on June 24, 1947, Lucille Ball-Arnaz appeared before him and that he knew her to be the "one and the same person as the mother of the ...

  10. Everything to Know About Area 51's Mysterious History | Time › 5627694 › area-51-history

    Jul 17, 2019 · The Air Force began investigating claims of U.F.O. sightings in 1947, which later became known as Project Blue Book in 1952. By the time Project Blue Book ended in 1969, the Air Force had ...

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