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    The Boston Strangler is the name given to the murderer of 13 women in the Boston, Massachusetts, area during the early 1960s. The crimes were attributed to Albert DeSalvo based on his confession, details revealed in court during a separate case, and DNA evidence linking him to the final victim.

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    The Boston Strangler Home » Crime Library » Serial Killers » The Boston Strangler From June 1962 through January 1964, 13 single women between the ages of 19 and 85 were murdered throughout the Boston area.

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  4. Boston Strangler | American serial killer | Britannica › biography › Boston-Strangler

    The Boston Strangler’s first victim, a 55-year-old woman, was sexually assaulted and strangled in her ransacked apartment on June 14, 1962. During the following months, several other women, ranging in age from 65 to 85 years, were murdered in similar circumstances, news of which engulfed the city in panic.

  5. Boston Strangler Case Solved 50 Years Later - ABC News › US › boston-strangler-case-solved

    Jul 11, 2013 · The Boston Strangler case, which inspired a 1968 Hollywood movie starring Tony Curtis, marked a terrifying swath of history in the city – and one that has long been mired in doubt. It was the 1960s and single women across Massachusetts were the target of a serial killer and rapist. When it was over, the Boston Strangler had killed 11 women.

  6. Was Albert DeSalvo the Boston Strangler? › albert-desalvo-the-boston

    Aug 09, 2019 · Beginning in June 1962 and ending in January 1964, 13 women were killed in the Boston area, mainly by strangulation. Most of the victims were found with their own nylons wrapped several times around their neck and tied with a bow.

  7. Albert DeSalvo - Wikipedia › wiki › Albert_DeSalvo

    Between June 14, 1962 and January 4, 1964, 13 single women between the ages of 19 and 85 were murdered in the Boston area; they were eventually tied to the Boston Strangler. Most of the women were sexually assaulted in their apartments, and then strangled with articles of clothing. The eldest victim died of a heart attack.

  8. Was Albert DeSalvo Really The ‘Boston Strangler’? › albert-desalvo-boston

    Jun 24, 2019 · On July 8, 1962, readers of the Sunday edition of the Boston Herald opened their papers to a shocking headline: “Mad Strangler Kills Four Women in Boston.” The article warned that a “mad strangler is loose in Boston” who has “slain four women during the past month.”

  9. Mar 03, 2014 · Within a few days of her arrival in January 1964, she was found dead. Her attacker raped her and strangled her to death. Sullivan was one of 11 women whom Albert DeSalvo — known as the Boston Strangler — would later confess to killing.

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    Albert DeSalvo allegedly attacked 13 women ages 19 to 85 in the Boston Area from 1962-1964.The victims were all single women who lived alone, mostly in apartment buildings and lived quiet, modest lives.

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